Saturday, February 19, 2011

Close to you

So yesterday was the day where we had our very last paper for this semester. I bull crap all the way. One of the question sounds like this:

What problems do acts of terrorism pose for the international law governing self-defense? Have these problems been resolved?

My answer goes like this:

September 11 incident.


My answer reflects my stupidity. nuff said. T_T

If you asked me regarding to What problems do act of shopping pose for the girls internationally? Give your solution to the act aforementioned.

Then i can give you facts for more than a booklet. hahaha :P

Hence, conclusion is that I shit on my paper. Not literally shit on it but yeah~


I had only 2 hours of sleep only. Slept at 4.30am just to read 10 bloody chapters of International Law and woke up at 7am. The only thing that I can recalled from what I read was the mother of all bombs MOAB. hahahahahaha.

The paper was a 3 hour paper. 9am-12pm. I went out at 11.10am because my brain totally froze. No point sitting in there longer staring at alien questions O_O

After paper went to sushi king for brunch with Mark and Fikry. Then we hang out until afternoon. After that I have to work until 9pm :(

After my job, i went straight back home to take my shower and headed out to Jonker to meet up with Mark, Nicole, Mirul, Kin Ming and Fikry. It was our last night to celebrate for this semester. Not gonna see them in 3 months time :(

I'm gonna miss you people *hugs*

First round.

We chilled in Geographer. They had beer while I had Mango Tango Mocktail.
Taste like water mixing with Mango -__________-
Waste my 10 bucks.

Then we went for a walk. And we stopped by a hawker stall for some supper :)

Stupid Amirul trying to spoil the photo. hahahaha!

By the time we were done with our supper, it was about 12am. Then we headed to Karabau Cafe located nearby Geographer for a second round :D

We had pineapple vodka.
The drink really nice :)
RM80 per jug O_O

I'm gonna miss u all.
Can't wait to meet you all up in 3 months time :)

For now, take a very good care.

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