Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back to square one

I'm down with 2 papers. 3 more to go :)
2 more killer papers coming right up :(

Last Sunday, my secondary school friends came over to my place for CNY. Sher Lyn gave me a surprise phone call around 11am++ and I just woke up around that time. I was shocked to hear that they wanted to come over. Never inform me before hand, suddenly want to appear T__________________T
The reason I was shocked cause I haven't even took my shower hahahahaha!!!

Thank God they gave me about an hour to prepare :)

So I told them that I'm so sorry for not being able to join them since I'm having my finals. BUT they still managed to drag me to visit 2 houses. hahaha good job for persuading me.

Okay I looked crappy in here O_O
Exam stress kot.


My initial plan for Monday was to study all day long but who knows I forgot that i don't have Specific Relief Act. So I have no choice but to go down to the nearest Popular to get one. Sadly all out of stock. In between, went to new Jusco sushi king for dinner with Mark.

This is so worth it. RM5 per plate for 4 pieces of Salmon around that big size. I forgot to take the picture. Only available in new Jusco Sushi King i guess.

Ended up I wasted 4 hours on Monday without studying.
Thanks to Jeremy for giving me his statute. You saved my day.

However I still can't answer my paper the next day. The question was so unexpected :(
I'm screwed :(


Like I said, the paper was screwed. So instead of thinking about that, Nicole, Mark and I went to Sushi King again for lunch. This time we went to the old Jusco. Hoping that there's the Salmon dish like we had the previous day. Mark loves it so much. Unfortunately the old Jusco Sushi King doesn't have it. hahahaha.

They have this instead. RM15+ which is not really worth it I think.

2 days of Sushi King really is making me broke :(

However right after that I had another round. Went to Station One at 2pm++

My blueberry ice cream smoothies :D
Damn nice :D

After second round, we went to DP.
Since I was having a sore throat. My partner of the day was concern about me hence he brought me to this place to drink dunno what-is-it-called-herbal-black-jelly-thingy.

It was bitter. So you need to add the honey together with the herbal jelly. Of course you can choose not to add the honey if you love the taste of eating a bitter jelly :)

Later at night, I had bird nest :)
Life is great when you are surrounded with good food.
I smell FAT

thanks :)


My paper today was 10 times better than the one I had on Tuesday. Hopefully I can get good grade for this subject.

After exam Mark, Nicole and I went to new Jusco again. Errkk Melaka is pretty boring lor. Lack of place for us to hang out. Bummer!

We went to I LOVE YOO for lunch. Had scallop porridge. Then we went window shopping. I bought a tiny tool box to keep my accessories. I was looking for the perfect one for quite sometime ago.

Need more spaces for my humble babies.

Besides that I also managed to get a new pair of shorts for a good deal :)

I love this. Used to eat this a lot when I was a little girl. However, now the price getting higher and the size getting smaller -____-
I still remembered how big and fat it was back in a decade. Right now, after you eat 5 also no feel at all O_O

Coffee Bean's cake

Floats <3

Till then.

Off to bed :)

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