Sunday, February 6, 2011

Summon during CNY in Jonker?? You gotta be kidding me.

I got a traffic summon in Jonker on the second day of CNY which was after 9.30pm.
Hmmmm racist much?
You know it's CNY and for sure there will be like gazillions of chinese from all over Malaysia and also tourists from Singapore, but still you decided to summon us on that night. Looks like the rumour saying that government is running low in cash seems to be quite true I guess.

Trying to generate money from chinese people by summoning them during festive season. hah! What a smart way to do ;)

If you want people to visit Melaka (especially tourists) and this is the way you repay them back? By giving summons to show your gratitude? Cuti-cuti Malaysia sambil terima saman. Memang syok.

All right. I'm not going to fill this post with anger and frustration. Thanks a lot Bandaraya Bersejarah Melaka for the big ANGPAO on the second day of CNY. Betul-betul bersejarah :)


Day 1

Went to my relatives house and then spend the whole evening at home (attempting to study) but failed miserably because was busy chatting -____-

Hmmmmm should I get an Iod touch? Okay don't waste money ruby. It's not like I'm a gamer. I've repented from that long long time ago.


Day 2

I did not went for any house visiting because people are coming to visit me instead. hehehe

Some of my house decorations.

So the 3 guests were

Jeng Jeng Jeng~

Mark, Amirul and Fikry.

They were looking and laughing at my childhood photos T_________________________T

Typical Amirul. Trying to steal a basket of Mandarin Oranges. 

Late in the evening my cousins came by and off we went to Jonker. It was super packed. I spend like RM30 there on irrelevant stuffs.


Day 3

Stayed at home all day long again for revision.

In the evening went for a dinner with Mark.
We wanted to try the new Domino Pizza.

However the place was super tiny and it was super full. We were hungry and I am too lazy to wait. So we went to Big Mouth instead.

After dinner, we ta pao the pizza :)

Not bad la. Taste better than Pizza Hut though.

All right I need to prepare now. My friends are coming over my place to collect angpao. hahaha.
Till then. Toodles

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Ash said...

Happy Chinese new year! :D

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