Thursday, February 17, 2011

Emo kuasa dua



I was having my paper yesterday and we couldn't bring our handbags into the exam venue, so I just leave it outside the venue since every other freaking students did that too. The paper was a bitch and I was emo-ing for that. Once I got out from the exam hall, I saw my poor little handbag wide opened as if kena rape from some fucktard strangers. Then i checked my bag and my camera was gone. I seriously curse the one who stole it to die in misery. And once you are dead, may your soul live in misery as well. When you reincarnate, you'll be a fucking big fat babi hutan for 10 generations. Being killed by people and eat you up!


I've got tons to blog about but due to the lost of my camera, i eventually forgot what I want to blog about. FML and FYL as well.


Anyway finally I've visited Movida.

The place was quite cool to hang out. The environment is not bad.

There's one dude there asking me whether I'm a Chinese or Japanese girl. hahahahahahaha
I do get that kind of question quite often o.O

What an insult. I know la my eyes super small. GRRR!!!!

Anyway. Before I end my post. A farewell goodbye to my dear pinky. I know your new owner will not handle you with care and who knows he/she might just sell u off to someone else for the sake of money. No matter what. I'll always love you. Don't worry. Mummy's gonna buy a better pinky to make myself feel better. 
I love you dearest one. But it has come to an end.

The only pinky's picture I had :(

She was my 2009 Christmas present.
I will miss you Pinky and to the one that gave it to me. I miss you too :( and so sorry to lose your gift. Maybe God wants me to forget about you as well since you M.I.A like nobody's business.

Hence I'll get a new one sooner. To forget about this misery.

In order to end my post. I shall curse the fella who stole my camera once again, just to satisfy my anger.

Dear pencuri,

      I really hope you die in misery. If you were a guy, may your balls burst when the first time you take any shots from my pinky. And if you were a girl, may your vagina bleeds 24/7 and not once a month anymore. Pffft!
Thank you :)


Your sincerely,
Miss Holy


Ash said...

so sorry to heard that. :(
what were those MMu pple doing? they should guard that place with all that stuff there. D:
This show they don't take precautions.

cheer up ok? :)

The culprit will have their hands chopped off not now but soon.
pple said whn bad things happen something good will happen too. ;)

ruby said...

yea :(
i hope their hands get chopped off.

the guards here useless one.

Yeah i'll get a new camera :D
haha but then waste my $ je T_T

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