Sunday, January 2, 2011

Craziest Countdown ever!

The very last day of 2010.
Sayonara 2010, Welcome 2011.

By far this is my craziest countdown ever for a new year. Previously I would either celebrate with my family or countdown in front of my computer. However this time, I decided to celebrate with a small group of friends consist of Mark, Nicole, King Ming, Mirul and my brother.

On the 31st December, I woke up about 10am+ to do my assignment and stuffs cause I'm afraid that I'll be enjoying like a mad cow. Around 1pm+ Mark sms me for the plans. Oh as if la I'm a good planner. Stop asking me the same thing because you know that my answer will always disappoint you idiot! My answer to him was "Aiya don't know... anything la"


So we decided to leave home at 5.30pm. Amirul doesn't want to join us at first because he was broke (like always). I tried persuading him but failed. Mark persuaded him first but also failed. Then he tried persuading him for the second time by enchanting some "free food spell" and pooooffff!!!! There you go :)


He just couldn't resist the temptation of being treated with free food.
I love you amirul just the way you are :P
Baboon *hearts*

We wanted to eat at Seoul Garden but by the time we got there it was almost 7pm. Thank God there's no jam. I departed at 6pm instead of 5.30pm (knowing the Malaysian timing) hahahaha.
Our movie was at 8.05pm, so eating in Seoul with an hour is not a wise decision. It cost RM30++ that night okay. Madness. So we headed to Kenny Rogers instead :)

hahaha muka sakai... tak pernah makan :P

 Amirul: look at my pamela's boobies

After dinner we went to watch Little Fockers.

The movie was so-so. I wanted to watch The Tourist but the tickets all sold out :(
Should watch that later.

The movie ended about 10pm. We wanted to go to Jetty but it was freaking jam. So we decided to stay back. Here comes the madness. We went to Old Town for a drink. Sat there for 40 minutes or lesser than that. Then we headed to Establishment for the next round. Well the place was quite classy and the price is also quite expensive I think. Since we were there, it's quite an embarrassment to walk out after looking at the menu right? hahaha...

I can't drink because my stomach was filled with water. So I decided to order Bruchetta.

5 tiny pieces only. The one sold in Havana Cafe is way bigger and half the price. This one cost me RM 15
I kept telling myself once a year, never mind. Self comforting.

And also Mark ordered a Three Chesse pizza.

It's very thin and chessy. RM 25

Peach Mojito RM 28

I don't really like the taste. Quite bitter and doesn't taste like peach at all lor -____________-

We just ordered these and also a cup of coke and jasmine tea and overall cost us RM94.30
A very high class way to end our 2011.

 hahahaha Kin Ming's face all super red. lol

Basically we countdown in Establishment. The boss treated us with some shots. awww so sweet.
hahaha it's apple juice amirul :P

After that all of us headed to Jonker for another round. hahaha... madness much?

By the time we got there it was around 1am. The place was still super packed with people especially the whole stretch in Geographer.
We wanted to have a drink there but seems like it was damn full and there's no space for us to even walk there. So we headed to Bistro Year 1673 for a drink.

Instead of having beer, we decided to order a bottle of red wine :)
Basically only some of us who drank it because Nicole was ill so no liquor for the whole day meanwhile some people is an alcoholic virgin. HAHAHAHAHAHA

The red wine is RM 110 per bottle. I drank 3 glass and almost died. Once I got back home I slept like a pig. My head was heavy. Hmm maybe because I drank it like water? Oh boy... what an experience.

hahahaha that's amirul's middle finger. freaking funny to the max :D

Overall it was a crazy money flowing out new year eve I ever had for my entire life. I've spend roughly about RM 150 just on the foods and drinks. WTF!

Anyway Happy New Year. Hopefully I'll be richer this year. Amen.

As for the first day of New Year, Me Liang, Sher Lyn and I went down town again for some shopping. I wanted to buy clothes but ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes, a skirt and also a dress for the law night. hahahahaha.
I can smell the broke-ness is hunting me soon.

Till then. Toodles.

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