Friday, January 7, 2011

Craving for good food

Recently I've been spending my money like water.
I can't believe that I spend almost RM400 in this week itself. It's not like I bought any branded stuffs or anything. Most of it was spend on food and some small cheap shopping stuffs.
Aih..... The older I get, the more I spend.

Anyway, yesterday was the last day for the Funding Division to sell Wall's Ice Cream. Hip Hip Hooray :D

We took some pictures for memories.... I had a 3 great days selling ice cream though it was tiring and super hot.

After that went to take my midterm result and it was shit as hell. I've expected it to be that way. So my disappointment wasn't that bad. But still I'm sad. Looks like I have to work 1000 times harder for finals. In order to curb my sadness. Mark, Nicole and I decided to try Haagen Dazs since I kept bugging Mark to take me there few days back.

Melaka just opened a branch in town. It's a good thing lor. Looks like Melaka is developing well. We no longer need to drive up all the way to KL just to have good expensive food. hehehe...

Of course Haagen Dazs is not a cheap ice cream. If I'm not mistaken it cost RM10+ for a scoop and RM17+ for double scoop. However jeng jeng jeng~~
We ordered the most expensive set there. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
*show proud face like sial*

We had this FONDUE as dessert. The price is RM64 and once you include the 10% service charge and 5% gov. tax basically it cost us RM74.60

Oh My God. The ice cream was very sweet but when you dip it into the chocolate, it was fantastic. The chocolate was super duper delicious :D

I feel like eating those again. But over budget :(

I super love this picture. Currently this is my facebook profile picture :)

After spending that amount of money. We went for shopping spree! Since I'm poor like that, I only bought a top and a bling bling bracelet for my upcoming law night.

It's been quite some time since I kept complaining that I'm broke right? heh looks like I shall start that I-am-broke-word again :D

After shopping, we went to Station Kopitiam for dinner. After dinner all of us felt tired, sleepy and super full. Once I got back home I really can't take it anymore and I went to bed about an hour later. That's because I have to wake up early in the morning the next day (which is today, Friday) to meet my academic advisor and who knows he FFK me!!!!

I emo die. I drove all the way there just to see him though I have no class at all on this Friday. Not easy to have a free day on Friday okay since my classes on friday were cancelled. Pfffttt!!!! I can use that time to sleep at home lor and start studying (ehem)

However, at the bright side I did enjoy my day today by slacking with the girlfriends (kai choy included).
We went to Melaka Raya to look for dresses for the less-than-20-days-more-Law Night.

All the dresses are super expensive. It ranges from RM200-300++
Plus knowing girls attitude, we will only wear it ONCE. So what's the point of getting such an expensive dress where you'll only be wearing for less than 6 hours? hahaha.

I rather use the money to eat more Haagen Dazs wtf! hahaha
So ended up none of us bought anything.

After all the dress hunting, we stopped by Starbucks to chill.

I decided to try Green Tea Frap with Chocolate Chips. Before this I was wondering why the hell Lynette and Jia Rou crazy over this drink. Now I know!
hahahaha it is very nice la :)
I'm in love with it too.

I took the smallest cup because I know I wouldn't be able to finish it up if i took the largest or medium size. The smallest size cost RM14.50 and the extra add on chocolate chip cost RM2. Since Afiq knew the guy there, he gave me free chocolate chip. I saved RM2. Wiippeee :D


ishh kids nowadays... all using BB phones. I'm the only one sesat there. sobs

The Starbucks boss was a very kind and funny man. He showed us this limited edition set for valentines which cost ONLY RM168. It comes along with the teddy bear, a tumbler and a mug.

Mark Rosaidey bin Amin Moreal Jaafar binti hantu bontot pontianak sundal malam! I want that one can? Buy for me T____________________T
I penat-penat pose with that thing so that can show you and can give you tips/hints. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA *muka tebal to the max*

2011 is the rabbit year. Hence the carrot. hahahah freaking cute right? We were laughing non stop while taking this picture because of some obscenity behind :P

Unfortunately the picture was kinda blur T_______________________T
I really need to get a DSLR!!!

lol. orang gila

Time to sleep. Night peeps :)

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