Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hello everybody :D
I am super excited to blog about my law night preparations.
I wanted to blog about it this instant but the thing is that I have to wait for all the pictures first T_____T

However here is a sneak peak of what I'm going to blog about :D

1. Thursday afternoon - went to Lyn's place
2. Thursday early evening - went down town to collect hampers and door gifts
3. Thursday late evening - went for ikan bakar with most of the lovely committees
4. Thursday night - went to Equatorial Hotel for rehearsal
5. Thursday midnight - went Zubaidah for yam cha session
6. Friday early morning - went EQ back for rehearsal
7. Friday afternoon - hairdo and makeup
8. Friday evening - the event!!!!
9. Friday night - pictures and more pictures
10. Friday midnight - clubbing
11. Died (too exhausted)

Wait for my updates :)

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