Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let's turn back time

I'm at a cyber cafe right now. I've been blogging before hand and I saved it into a microsoft word so that it can save my time from typing so long in here and wasting $ at CC. However their CC doesn't allow any access of thumbdrives. Seriously FML! And I'm too lazy to type everything out because it was super duper long like hell. So I'll just blog part of it all right.

Anyway I'm having my 1 week midterm break now. So it's time to enjoy :)

Monday 22/11/2010

Went to campus to distribute all the Statutes for world peace sake.
Thank God Lyn was there to help me to carry the darn thing. It was so freaking heavy okay.
Amazingly that Lynette tak padan kurus tapi kuat nak mampos.

That day, when both of our hands were fully occupied with boxes and Statues, suddenly Lyn's face was very itchy. Imagine us walking from Ixora to Law Library. Damn far okay. We were laughing like crazy girls because Lyn coudln't scratch her itchy face. hahahahaha.

Right after delivering all of the Statues, I went to Windmill with Boon Keong for lunch and then went to do some work and at 5.30pm I headed back to MMU to deliver Statutes again. Sigh.
Muka Statues.

Slack there until 6pm.

Okay I shall stop now. It's very boring to type the same thing for two times. I've done blogging already for 7 freaking long A4 paper size but thanks to this hopeless CC which are trying to avoid from kena virus hence I have to retype again. So I'll just update next time when I feel like too all right.


As for today, I had a 14 hours of sleep :D
And once I woke up, got ready to watch Rapunzel together with Alex and my brother.
The movie was great. I love Walt Disney's cartoon. hehehe.
I bet Nicole is not gonna love it. Learn to appreciate cartoon girl!

I managed to get a cardigan today, wippeee.I got it for a super great price which cost only RM18. OHMAIGAWD!!! Cheap lor. Happy like that.
Then we went to Jonker for dinner.

RM70 gone for today. Just like that in a blink of an eye o.o

Till then.

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