Monday, December 20, 2010


Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rocks~~

Christmas mood is everywhere :)
I love Christmas so much especially the Christmas trees. They are so pretty and bling bling :D

I’ve been doing quite a lot of shopping lately. I do sound happy right? Yes I am happy indeed. Muahahahaha!!!

5 days more before Christmas. Oh boy *excited* (it’s not like I’m gonna celebrate it)


Last Friday, I skipped class. The end.
Was too lazy to go plus it was raining heavily at that point of time. Hence I was rotting in the law library reading Katekyo hitman reborn manga :D
I was starving while reading my manga. Haven’t had my lunch yet and I gotta wait for the girl, Nicole to finish her class (she attended class).

By the time the class ended, it was about 4pm. So we headed to Jusco for lunch and dinner. My stomach wasn’t feeling that well due to the empty stomach. Masuk angin sudah kot.

We went for steamboat. Yummy!! But since my stomach wasn’t feeling good, the food I ate doesn’t taste as good as my first time there. Haiz waste my money only T________T

I had mutton while Nicole and Mark had beef.
We were enjoying the hot soup because the shopping mall was freaking cold like Atlantic. Madness. Jusco is seriously damn cold lor. The boss should turn the temperature lower and save electricity. Don’t lah waste electricity. Jimat-jimat sikit yor!

Right after dinner, we went for some shopping!!!
I bought a pair of new shorts *love*
Wanted to get other stuffs but somehow I only have RM70 that day and I used up all of it. I went back home with RM 0 in my purse. No kidding. Hahahaha teruk betul perangai. If suddenly got emergency such as my car broke down or car no more petrol, seriously I am so gonna die there without any cash. Wanna get a cab also have to think 1000 times. Ended up can’t afford to pay, who knows kena rape in order to pay taxi fees. Wtf T______________________________T choi choi choi!!!

This is why we need a driver-slave to make our life much easier :)


I woke up at 12pm sharp on Saturday. Then around 2pm I watched Hindustan movie called Jab We Met in TV3. Hehe the main actor kinda cute ler. Guys wearing formal look the best especially if they got the body. LOL!
I love Hindi movies. Especially if the actors are some cute/hawt/macho guy :P

The movie ended at 5pm. So basically I spend half of my day doing nothing beneficial. Awww I love my life :)

Later at night, went all the way to Malim for Chiew’s 21st Birthday party. Sat there from 8.30pm up to 11.30pm. Took quite a number of photos and most of it contains the main character ‘handsome’ face. Hahahahahahaha.

Abit sad la. Birthday boy have to put the candles himself on the birthday cake.

Solo shots with the Birthday boy.

More pictures

Here are some lovely-random-retard-wannabe-shots :D


Please don't kill me chiew. Here are some of your close up pictures. OMG damn leng zai like dunno what T________________________________T

I think I fall in love with you liao. How la? Especially the eyes. OMG I thought my eyes are small. Looks like I got another new competitor. MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!

hahahaha JOKER :)

Such a lovely present but unfortunately that the receiver doesn't look good in it. Hmmmm.... If only that bag was given to a girl, then it would be perfecto senorita. lol.


Went down town on Sunday to catch Tron. Wow the movie was fantastic. I love their graphics especially the part where they had a battle and also the part where they rode their bike. Their bike was super awesome. I love the guy acting as Sam Flynn. He is so good looking. *drools*

I prefer if he doesn't smile.

I think I should go for a guy with a muscular body :)
So any muscular guys out there, please do not hesitate to take action.
I am single and available :P
After movie, went to Pizza for dinner. Ughh I seriously hate Mahkota Parade pizza hut’s services. So damn lousy to the max. The staffs were super inefficient, slow and GEDIK!!!!! Tergedik-gedik buat kerja. It took them 15 minutes to entertain my table. I even have to take the menu myself. First of all, they never wipe the table, then when the girl came to wipe the table, guess what? She didn’t even really wipe it cleanly -_____-
Stupid fella.

Then when I clicked the ‘call’ button which they provided for customers. No one came to us at all. I clicked it for like more than 5 times. Still no response. Then why the fuck you have that thing in the first place? For decoration purposes? Idiot ballz.

I know I’ve been complaining about their services quite a number of times before in my previous post and still why the hell do I go there right? Well it’s easy. Just because we had the Pizza’s coupon and basically that is the only branch available in MP/DP. No choice but to eat there. Unless we decided to throw the coupon away.

After that, we went for shopping again :D
I bought a lace dress *wippee*
And some other junkies. Spendthrift much. Yea I know :(
I shall restrain myself from stepping into a shopping mall starting from today up to 26th of December. Just because I’m super busy with classes and stuffs from Monday to Wednesday and then from Thursday to Sunday I’ll be busy with a part time job in MITC. Do come and visit me if you are free. So in this one whole week I am gonna be a goodie goodie girl who doesn’t spend a single penny unnecessarily. I promise.

By the way, I got some Christmas presents from Alex all the way from Singapore’s Toy Fair. Teeeheee :)

A tokidoki shirt (only available in Singapore)

Some unknown stickers. Lol

A cute little Chopper keychain
from One Piece anime.

Thanks a lot. Merry Christmas. HOHOHO!

All right I got to go to MMU Main Hall to take pictures for our Law Night Event :)
Gotta run peeps.

Toodles :)

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