Monday, December 27, 2010

Special Xmas Ever!

Howdy you all?
I had an amazing super busy week the whole week ago.
Starting from last Monday, I woke up at 8am and drove all the way to Melaka Raya to take my shirts for the upcoming MITC job. Then went all the way to ayer keroh to settle some stuffs and then reached MMU about 12pm+ and started doing some research for my assignment.

After that, in the afternoon around 1pm, I headed to Main Hall together with Kai Choy to sell the Law Night tickets. Basically I sat there for about an hour only. Then I went for lunch with Nicole at 2pm.

Here’s some creative design from our arts and decorations division. Good job on all of your hard works :)


The next day was even a killer. Woke up at 8am and departed from home to Bukit Beruang at 9am. Went to the Main Library for an hour since my tutorial class only started at 11am. Ahhhh and I saw one cute little hottie sitting right in front of me XD
I think I should visit the main library more often. The law library sucks! No guys to see at all o.O

After tutorial, Nicole and I went for lunch and then straight to lecture at 3pm. After 5pm I went to settle my work and headed back to campus for dinner and started again my research for my assignment.

However I was distracted by Nicole with all the fashion websites. Instead of doing a research, we were busy looking at dresses for our Law Night. HAHAHAHAHA!

I saw quite a number of pretty sexy dresses. Hmm I wonder will I look good in it T____T

Anyways, since my brother and I were driving only one car to campus (to save petrol) and that fella had an extra class up to 10pm. So his poor sister had no other choice but to wait for him until the class ended. So basically I was in campus area from 9am to 10pm. By the time I got back home it was 11pm liao. Can u imagine how tiring it was? I think I need to find a house near bukit beruang. Anybody interested to be my housemates? XD

I can guarantee u that u will have fun coz we can gossip all day long. LMAO!


As for Wednesday, another hella busy day for me. Woke up at 7am and did my stuffs and assignment up to 1pm. Went to ixora food court for lunch. Bumped into Jason and Darren and had some chit chatting up to 2.30pm. Then we headed to President Square for our photo shooting session. In formal clothes okay. I was sweating all over right after changing. Sigh. I hate to dress formally.

The cutie girlfriend. lol

The girl beside me is a half Japanese. Cute + cun + pretty kan?? Too bad got bf liao. So don’t think too much ya all the guys out there. Muahahaha.

After photo shoot, I went to have a game of pool while waiting for Nicole to tag in right after her tutorial. Who knows, she brought Amirul along. Haahahahahahahaha!!!!

Went to class at 5 to 7pm and rushed all the way to MITC for a short briefing for my Thursday job. After that, I have to rush all the way back to MMU because there’s a meeting at 8pm. Can you feel the havoc-ness of my life?

I haven’t had my dinner yet. After the meeting, we went to mamak for dinner. Ughh mamak super expensive T______T

It cost me RM12 since my blood sucker brother tagged along. Me as a sweet sister got no choice but to pay for his part too.


Started my job on Thursday. Nothing much to talk about. Here’s the product I’m selling for the whole fair.

A smart pool.

Went to Subaidah for lunch and T___________________T the food kinda expensive. Haiz.

As for dinner, Melanie, Faris and I went for this ayam penyet restaurant located near Mydin.

My dinner. Yum yum!


Working was fun. Met plenty of crazy malay guys. They are damn funny to the max. They managed to entertain me during my working period.

Here’s a picture of one of our swimmers through out the fair.

Mark came down to MITC to join Melanie, Amin and I for lunch. Haha I know he misses me :P
Slave yang loyal :)

 Amin from Pakistan

Since it was Christmas Eve, I was being surprised with a small little gift by somebody. Hahahahahahahahahah!!!
Out of nowhere 2 guys approached me to hand me a flower. Awwww thanks a lot dear :D
(p.s. It’s not mark/slave)

My slave is an unromantic son of a gun.

There was a party in MITC for the countdown. The ticket per entry was RM89 each. As you can see, a cute girl like me (ehem) (perasan lebih) has the advantage to go in for FREE. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

I went there right after my work which was at 10pm. Sat there until 10.30pm and I decided to go home because it was not happening enough plus I was too tired and I have to wake early in the morning the next day. Got work what T________T

However the guys told me that after 11pm, it was super happening and havoc.



Merry Christmas everybody XD

Another busy day for me.

Had free lunch and dinner. All on the boss :D


Finally the last day of work *relieved*
My legs were super tired. But somehow that was the craziest day for all of us.

All of us were busy taking pictures as there weren’t many customers.

All in all I had a great time working with all of these people. They are a very nice and sweet people :)

Went to the ayam penyet restaurant again for dinner together with Mark and Melanie :)

Now all I need is to wait for my pay and it's time for some serious shopping baby XD

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