Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I want xmas gifts can?

So it’s the third day since I’m done with my midterm holidays. I just don’t understand why MMU breaks are super duper weird and by far the shortest break ever you can find in the whole entire universe. I bet no other Universities have such a short break ever for a record. Who the hell has 2 weeks break for a long break la? What about those foreign students? They don’t need go home arr? You think students from Arab, Mongolia, Indonesia, Africa and etc doesn’t need a long nice holiday ar? 2 weeks can do what la? Wanna make own hand made shit also not enough la. Grrr!!!

Indirectly I’m saying that Malaysia people too won’t get enough of break. With a week break (midterm break) where could you possibly go or what can you possibly do? The answer is NOTHING except rotting at home or went for a jog or kayak-ing or window shopping or doing assignments, or dating, or-oh-all-so-boring.

Anyhow, I’ve spent my last day of holiday by giving myself a nice therapy which is to spend money and be happy :D

So all of you know that Christmas is just around the corner right? The one and only thing that I know is not the existence of Christmas but the SALES that they are having!!!
You can see the word SALES every freaking corner of the shopping malls and every freaking stalls/shops.

My initial intention was to shop for clothes and shoes. Once I reached town in the evening, around 7pm, I walked all around MP and unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. None of the clothes managed to catch my attention. I seriously hate it. Whenever I’m serious to shop for something, for sure I will end up buying nothing. And when I’m not in a plan to get something, for sure I will be crazy over tones of stuffs (always happen when I’ve got no money). See how stupid it can be? EMO!!

After walking for 30 minutes, I decided to go for dinner first, then only continue shopping. So we went to SAN for dinner.

After dinner I continued with my journey to shop till I drop. Managed to get myself a brand new purse, a pair of crazy 3.5 inch plus high heels which is super love and damn chio and also some *ahem* make up products from Nature Republic. Ohmaigawd they are having discounts and I am so gonna get their product again this coming Sunday :D
Need to pamper myself before Christmas since I won’t be able to celebrate Christmas due to some part time job (happy max coz get a part time job) T_____________________T

No job = Can celebrate Christmas = happy for a moment = broke = sad for entire life

With a job = Can’t celebrate Christmas = sad for a moment = with money = can shop = happy for eternity

By the way, let’s get back to the lip gloss story. Like I said they are having sales and I bought it for only RM16 after 70% which is a totally good buy. The original price was RM50+ and it is a 2 in 1 package where the upper part with the brown cap is the lip stick, while the bottom part where it’s transparent with those glossy glittering look is the lip gloss. Seriously it’s worth the price.

Overall I’m quite satisfied with my purchased items. I still need to get myself another pair of shoes *loves*
Yes! Girls are just crazy like that. One is not enough. Same like guys what. One wife not enough. The more the merrier HAHA!


Monday was a very very very disappointing day for me because every single people that I approached to ask them buy breads from me, all rejected me T___________________T

I know la I not hot and cute enough. But still!!! Please buy my bread man! The taste ain’t that bad what T___________________T

Don’t want to blog about Monday liao. I emo when I think of it. Hmph!!

Nicole, Alvin, Boon Keong and I went to Windmill for lunch. Nicole's new hang out spot because there's air conditioner there. hahaha. If eat in Ixora can die due to dehydration.


As for tuesday, errrrmmm nothing much to talk about. Had 2 tutorials from 11am to 1pm and then went to King’s Hotel buffet for lunch together with Mark, Nicole and Fikry. Ate there for an hour. We started eating from 1.45pm to 2.45pm and I ate like a crazy greedy old bugger who wanted to make sure that it is worth the price I paid for. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

So as a conclusion I did not have my dinner at all. This is what I call as SUPERB FINANCIAL PLANNING.

They have prawns, squids, chickens, salads, cakes, vegetable soup and fruits. They changed their menu everyday I think because the first time I visited, there’s mutton and it was super delicious. I was hopping to eat mutton but unfortunately there’s none :(

The environment is quite nice too. Most importantly it is with air conditioner. Lately the weather is madness. Super hot like nobody’s business. I should start swimming in a pool of lotion.


Currently I'm in the law library blogging right now. It's 12.20pm and I've got a tutorial at 1pm soon.

All right folks, I’m done telling my great grand mother stories. It’s time for me to chao chao now.
Buhbye :)

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