Monday, December 6, 2010

The Grandmother's Story

Hello peeps :D

*drum rolls*

Finally, the moment that we all have been waiting for (ceh… as if la) me to blog.

So like I said previously that I’m officially having my 1 week midterm break now. Just a week break from campus and stuffs. However during the break I still need to find sponsors for the law night thingy. Hopefully I can get someone to sponsor me.

Let me start my grandmother’s story now shall we?

Tuesday 23/11/2010

Same old routine that is to distribute Statues. Arghhh!!!! Damn no life. Kept carrying that damn thing back and forth. I think I started to own a muscular arms lor. Look at the picture below. Can you see the stack of books beside me? That was only part of it. There’s more. Trust me.

The Legal Idol Audition :)

At 5pm, went to KFC with Mark, Mirul, Nicole and Boon Keong for dinner.

Yes I love to waste my time. So don’t ask me how am I suppose to study for my midterms.

Wednesday and Thursday 24-25/11/2010

Started to appreciate life. Buddha visited my house and knocked my head with a stick to show me the golden path which is to start doing revision A.S.A.P.

So me being traumatized by the incident, started to bertaubat, kononnya la.
After studying for like couple of minutes, the sleeping Buddha pula came to visit me and taught me the technique of sleeping. Hahahahaha! So ended up sleeping like a pig. I have no freaking idea, whenever it is time to do revision, I will feel extra tired and sleepy one lor. Does this happens to me alone or did anyone of you out there suffer the same syndrome as I do? Please let me know cause I’m afraid that I am one of the abnormal people T________________________T

Oh and not only that, instead of studying, I camwhored T________________T
Yes seriously FML to the max!
I’ve decided to change my blog header. Hence the camwhoring thingy took place. 

How's my new header? XD
*syok sendiri*

Friday 26/11/2010

The battle begins.

Had Equity paper at 11am in the morning till 12pm. The paper was super hard. Craziness!
There’s n need for me to describe it in detail. Nuff said.

After paper, went to Malim with parents for lunch. Then headed back home to continue with my last minute revision for the next paper which was Company. I actually fell asleep while memorizing cases. Aihhh memang hopeless la si Ruby.

So the next paper was at 8pm to 9.30pm. There’s no suitable word for me to describe how the hell am I going to die for that paper. I managed NOT TO answer one question which carry 16 marks. Oh there you go. Bye bye.

After exam. Felt super down + regret + upset + emotional + breakdown + broke (wtf irrelevant).

To cheer us up, we went to KFC in a super big group consisted of Mirul, Mark, Stanley, Kin Ming, Steven, Nicole, Danny, Joanne and Fikry. Stanley and the gang talked super loud as if la that was a kedai mamak. Hahahaha I feel so the-malu-ted.

Got back home at 12am and in order to release all my stress and tension, I had a marathon for Vampire Diaries. Watched them until 4am+ then went straight to bed like a dead zombie.

Saturday 27/11/2010

Woke up at 10am. Can you imagine that? Ruby waking up at 10am even after a super late night sleep? Hahaha you gotta be kidding me. The reason she woke up that early was? Hahaha of course la to continue watching her Vampire Diaries duh!

So I continued my movie until 1pm+ and that’s the end of season 1. So I’m waiting for Boon Keong to download the whole Season 2 for me. I seriously love this series man. The guys are damn hot and delicious nyum nyum~~
10000x way better than stupid Twilight series. I hate the heroin. Her face looks weird o.O
And Edward Cullen looks weird too. I have no freaking idea why the hell girls crazy over him. If they are crazy over Edison Chen, then maybe I can understand la. Even when his d*** is small but oh well, typical Asian what! What more can you expect right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

After I’m done with my series, I continued sleeping back J
Woke up at 6pm and then I took my shower and dinner and started rotting in front of my pc again and watched A-Team. Finally I managed to download this movie. It was a good movie. That night, I attempted to study IT Law which was a success. Managed to read chapter 1 *prouds*

Sunday 28/11/2010

Woke up pretty early that day too just to visit a malay wedding near my neighborhood. After that I headed to Law Library to search for cases (ehem tunjuk rajin konon).
Sat there for 3 hours. Were too busy looking for cases and also spying on hot/sexy/pretty/cute/fair chicks in facebook. So damn emo because God is unfair for making me short, chubby and dark L

 I emo for 10 minutes T__________________T

Bought this Hot Ticket and I think it is way better than the normal top up because Hot Ticket provides you 120 free sms-es and also 70 minutes free call and by having 2 Hot Ticket you are able to redeem it by purchasing a single set of Pizza Hut by just adding extra RM1. How cool is that right?

Later at night went to Mini Pantai for dinner. Supposed to study that night. I had my studying plans liao but who knows there was an Arm Wrestling Tournament that night and the winner will bring back home RM 5000. The match was between an Australian dude and Malaysian dude. The Malaysian dude was the judge for the MMU arm wrestling tournament. Hehehehe. It was a good match I must say. Both of them were equally strong.

Anyways, the dinner supposed to last for an hour. Ended up we were stuck there for 3 hours just to watch the tournament. There goes my study plan.
How can you resist from a muscular dude la right? Its way better than revision lor seriously. Okay I sounded as if I am a total loser in studies. Sorry I super love studying. OMG studying is my life. Without it I can die-NOT!

Here are some pictures taken by my brother unprofessionally. Look at the angle. Hahaha.

Just look at his arms. OMG how big is that.

Monday 29/11/2010

Another boring Monday. It was raining heavily that day.

That was the day where I managed to blog using my super pinky phone :D
I love her so much. Yes she’s a girl.

Basically that day, the only think that I could have think of was about midterm break. Where to go, what to do, what to buy, where to shop, what to eat, who to hang out with. Arghh!!!!! Frustrating. Plus I still have 2 more papers that week which was IT and Land.

Did nothing much that day except from slacking at home. Ahh I love home. It’s been 2 months now. Been busy for the whole 2 months. My bed misses me so much too especially my blankie. Awww I miss you so much too blankie. Let’s cuddle later okay. Xoxo.

Tuesday 30/11/2010

Normal day. Went to class and then after class had a 2 hours long meeting regarding for the law night thingy. Headed back home and started with my revision.

Wednesday 1/12/2010

Wanted to go for Land class but when I was there, it was raining heavily like nobody’s business. So it left me with no choice but to skip the class L
It’s not like I wanted to but but but…. Oh well.

Here’s the proof! I was waiting in my car. Look at the sky. So dark. Look at the rain. So heavy. Look at me. Aww so cute studying (faking aje tu) hahahahahahaha!

Ended up I went to Ixora foodcourt to study and there’s a wifi connection there. So I’m using my time wisely there. Went to Jusco at 6.30pm with Mark for dinner and later at 8pm went to MMU again for the law night meeting. Got back home at 9pm and then started doing revision for the paper next day.

Thursday 2/12/2010

Paper at 12pm and it was quite okay. Nothing much that day. Went back home at 6pm and started revision for the next paper.

Friday 3/12/2010

Finally the one and only paper before we could actually enjoy ourselves with assignments during the holidays.

The paper was at 10am and it ended 1 and half hour later. Errrrmm seriously no comment la. Either way I am a dead duck. Hahahahaha Mr Damian’s favorite quote.

After exam, went to Ixora Food court again for lunch with Mark, Mirul and Joanne. Went back to campus at 1pm to meet Mr Jo the Statutes supplier. Yes Statutes again. Damn! I’m starting to get bored with this man. Hahahaha. My face dah macam muka Statutes dah. When you see Ruby, you’ll see Statutes and whenever you see Statutes, it will remind you of Ruby.

Not only that, I distributed the Facial Masks to my girls for them to sell it during the holidays as well J
Good luck you all. Make your mama proud okay honey bees.

After all that, accompanied Mark to Jusco for some shopping. Hahahaha he looks fugly in that striking-geli-orange-toilet-slipper. I didn’t notice it at first. From top to jeans, everything seems perfect you know. G2000 shirt, some Levis jeans I think and then suddenly when I looked down……. Ehhhh wtf?? Hahahahaha!!!!

Then I headed for Equity class which was at 2.30pm. It was super bored and everyone looked like a dead zombies. Out of boredom this was what Amirul did. He got some hidden talent there. I didn’t know he could draw this good. Hahaha.

I almost died during the class coz first of all who wouldn't right? After facing a god damn killer paper in the morning and just so you know, there's a class in the middle of the afternoon where the weather was super hot like mad. The only thing I can think of was holiday :)

After class, Nicole and I went downstairs for a game of Pool together with Fahmi and his Mindian (malay mix Indian) friend called Shariff. Who says only Chinese and Indian could have a special term called Chindian? See now I am giving you a term for yourself. Mindian. Nice kan? Faster thank me.

All pictures above starting from Mark's smelly toilet striking orange color slipper was taken by my phone :)

Sony Ericsson camera rawks!

Then we headed to Mori for a drink. Hahaha we had a great chat there.

Sunday (yesterday)

Went down town again to watch Due Date. It was Sunday and it was super jam I tell you. Someone managed to make me wait for him for an hour. Walaaa... there you go :P

The movie was super funny. If I were to bump into an ass just like the guy in that movie. I swear to God I will literally strangle him to death with my bare hands.

After movie we went to Chic King for dinner. The food tasted way better than KFC.

After dinner we went for shopping :D
The slave bought some new clothes and I bought nothing T____________________T

However I managed to go back home not empty handed. I got free gifts from eZlink :)

Red for Christmas mood. But when I put those colors on to my fingers, it somehow looked pretty shitty on me. Sigh. Red is just not my thing :(

Had a great time for this few days and pocket koyak like nobody's business.
I'm having a food poisoning right now and still I'm taking this initiative to blog.

I'm going back home now. It's almost 6.30pm.

Will update soon enough.

Till then.


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