Friday, December 10, 2010

One in a million

I've been down for the past 2 days. Got pretty sick and I spend the whole day sleeping at home. I slept for more than 16 hours on tuesday o.O and amazingly I still can sleep soundly again the following night. Maybe due to the medication.

Aih.... It's friday and it's so depressing because class is going to be like normal again starting from next week onwards. Not to forget that I'm going to have another midterm paper next thursday. I haven't start a thing yet. I have no idea what chapter to read also lor. Any clues dear course mates? Do inform this poor lost ruby okay?

I was pretty active yesterday. Thank God my sick/disease cured. So in the afternoon I drove all the way to Melaka Raya to meet my SIFU for legal attachment hehehehe. All settled :)

Then went to Odean with Andrew at 1pm for lunch :)
Sat there for 30minutes eating and talking about chambering life and stuffs.
Thanks for the lunch Andrew :)

After that went for a movie with Mark.
Went to watch Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader
The movie was not bad la. The guy name Eustace somehow seems weird to me. Everything doesn't seems right about him especially the way he looks and the way he sounds. hahahahaha!!! but that makes it funny about him. Every time he started to talk, it makes me laughed.

After movie we went for shopping :D
Thanks my humble yet useless slave.
You've did your part well as a slave. Good job.

Then we headed to this steamboat place for dinner.

A short flashback.

Me: Let's go upstairs eat. I heard there's a steamboat. Let's try something new.
Mark: Okay

*settled down*
*waiter gave 2 coupon thingy which shows that RM9.90 per person only*
*so both of us got hyped up*

Me: OMG RM9.90 only per person and it is eat all you can steamboat buffet. Super worth it *happy die*
Mark: hahahha ya wei..... damn worth it *happy mad*

*then both of us went in to get the food and amazingly there's many types of food such as mutton, beef, crabs, squids, chickens and you name it.*
*after 30 minutes cooking our food*

Me: woohooo I took 3 pieces of mutton *so that can untung mah for the price i paid* (tamak membawa padah)
Mark: itadaikimas~~

*After eating for 15 minutes*

awww don't we look like a perfect master-slave that night? Unintentionally matching up checkered clothes :D

Me: omg i feel full... i can't eat.
Mark: omg so not worth it. Not nice

*both of us were laughing our ass off because of the price we have to pay and the consequences of paying such amount thinking that we can have a good quality of food*
*well the soup was tasteless and eventually all the food tasted pretty crappy*

Perhaps we should take Tomyam soup instead of stupid chicken soup.

Owhh and about my mutton. My God!!! Super kenyal nak mampus... Bulldog also cannot chew the mutton lor! suffering like hell. Coz once u take the food, u have to finish it or you'll be fined for RM8 for every extra 100gm of excessive food.

My advice, don't be greedy. Take little first then after finish eating only proceed with second round.
After we were done with eating:-

Mark: Let's go drink bubble milk tea
Me: wtf? Just finished eating here and drinking, stomach hampir meletup, u still wanna go drink again?
Mark: yes I need to cleanse my throat from the taste of the food.
Me: hahhahahahahahahahahahahaha what the????

So we ended up in Green Apple for a round of drink. Going out with him seriously can make you fat like a cow. I gained 10kg that night okay T___________________________T



Ash said...

hahah seriously 10kg ar?? XD

btw wat theme u use for ur blog? It looks wide somehow.

ruby said...

hahaha joking la :P

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