Friday, December 17, 2010

Fashion Wonderland

So I'm finally done with my midterm exams and all. Now full concentration for assignments :)

Had my PI paper last night at 9pm. By far the latest paper I ever had in my entire life (so far as I can remember la). After paper, went for a super late dinner which consist of 2 roti canai KOSONG!

hahahahahaha.... That day itself, Hasif, Danial and Mirul laughed at me for ordering roti canai kosong T___________________________T

I like la to call it as roti canai kosong instead of roti canai or roti kosong. BLUEKKK!!!! I emo!!!

Well, apparently this is gonna be a very short update coz I've got nothing better else to blog about. However, for those who are interested to get a new pair of clothes before Christmas, please do make you orders now from Fashion Wonderland all right? Right now it will only take you within 7 days to get the clothes, and the counting date starts after the day we received your payment. So let's say I received your payment today, then you'll get the clothes in 7 days time.

Click on the link below :)

We are opened 24/7 now. Just place your order and mail us at

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