Thursday, December 30, 2010

2 days before 2011

I’m had a really really bad day yesterday. I was forced to awake at 7.30am just to car pool with my brother since I won’t be having any car that day. Since he’s having a morning class where I’ll only be having classes in the afternoon BUT STILL I have to wake that early -_________________________-

So that doesn’t make me happy. I stunned in front of my closet for more than 10 minutes thinking of what to wear since I got no more jeans to wear. Therefore I wore my considered-quite-long-dress. It’s zero point five centimeters above knee length only. I don’t know why this few days MMU guards being “rajin” guarding every entrance to check on ID’s and also the so-called-clothing-law-nonsense. Please la, it’s a private Universities and majority of the students are CHINESE. Short pants are one of the Chinese girls favorite type of clothing. It is so common lor. I understand if you are stopping those that are wearing super short pants to campus because kononnya can distract guys and eventually make guys high and can’t control lust and then rape the girl (which is a stupid lame theory).

I bet the stupid pak Guard got high every time he sees girls wearing short pants la. Duh!
Anyway the point is, the reason why I’m so pissed off was because he doesn’t let me in campus and asked me to change my clothes. FUCK YOU LA!
Do you know how fucking far I live or not? Plus my dress is not that fucking short!!! You know what is short? Short is where you can see ASS HOLE! That is short. Bloody pig! Ironically I still saw millions of girls wearing shorts who managed to enter campus.

I was so pissed with him and I even raised my voice at him and said

“ Apasal orang lain pakai seluar yang lebih pendek, tapi boleh masuk?” (showing the irritated looks at him while smsing at the same time)

His replied was

“ ohhh sekarang dah tak boleh.... kalau kena tangkap, hukuman lagi berat”

Go fuck yourself la. I’m asking you something different and you gave me a totally different answer. Useless piece of shit. I can guarantee you that you can only keep up with this security system for not more than a month.

Kerja lembab, break time kalau boleh, 15mins earlier, masuk kerja paling lambat, buat kerja pun terkial-kial macam orang kurang upaya. Do you think it’s worth the money that we have to pay for all your work?  

I rather hire retarded people to complete your slow and incomplete task. At least I’ll feel satisfied. Pffft!!!

Okay I was too engrossed about the whole system and just like OBAMA said, we need a change. Please vote for me for a better future :P
I’ll make sure that we will have a faster and way efficient staffs.

Let’s not get too far carried away shall we? I shall resume back to my story. Since I couldn’t enter, what choices do I have left? I tried calling few people but seems like most of them still enjoying sleeping in bed (maklumlah budak Universiti mah… all midnight ghost, sleep damn late).

So I messaged my gf. No response. So I decided to drive all the way to Jusco to buy a pair of jeans. Hahahaha. A super good reason for me to shop. A valid and strong reason to spend money on clothes.

So when I was about to leave, thank god the gf replied. So the two of us went there around 10am+ and we started shopping :)
I tell you, Jason can be a super freaking good bff-gf-date-shopping-kaki coz his taste in clothes are pretty good. In fact it is good :D

He helped me to mix and match here and there and I really loved the style man. Yo, you got some awesome sense of style there yo man! (trying to imatet the American-black-people-accent)

Ended up I bought a black jeans *wipppeee*
Then went for lunch at Pizza Hut. Oh my god! Even Jusco’s Pizza Hut services sucks. Only few customers but still took them years to take our order. Ballz!

Actually both of us were not in the good mood that day. Everything seems so wrong. Bad day for us. However, hanging out with him totally cheered me up. Thanks a lot gf :)

After lunch we headed back to campus to start selling and promoting tickets for our Law Night event.
Sigh. Seriously. Every single friend of mine started to avoid me when they saw me because they know that every time they see me, for sure there’s something for me to promote to them T_______________________________________T

I emo to the max. By far the T&G Academy hair cut coupon is the hardest thing ever to sell. All the ah beng’s preferred to keep their hair long or the nerds whose hair are 24/7 in 366 days a year, always short for sure. How to sell to them la T_____________T
Plus I bet they go any random cheap barber who charged them like RM5 only. Hahahahahaha. I’m just saying. Please don’t terasa okay.

I might be wrong. To prove me that I’m wrong, please buy from me the ticket. Then I will apologize to you and admit that my “pre-theory” was wrong :P

Here’s some pictures taken during the booth-ing session yesterday.


Had the same old routine on Tuesday. Boring as always.


As for Monday, I got no class at all XD
Well I think so la. Because as far as I remembered, I did not join the class for more than a month already. That’s because it was being cancelled almost every week. Hahahahahaha!

Since I’m free that day, Mark and I went to Stone Grill in new Jusco for dinner. I wanted to eat there since the very first time AEON opened lor. But sadly nobody wanna teman me eat. Plus my friends are pretty boring people when it comes to food. Hahahahaha.

We tend to eat the same thing every time because we are afraid to try or experience new food only for 2 good reasons that is

1. If not nice how? Waste money.

2. Waste money if the food not nice.


Both of us had lamb steak. The taste was good. I’m not a very big fan of steak but according to my taste bud, the lamb steak was good. I heard there’s a steak house too in San Fransisco. But according to Mark the food there cost about RM50 per meal (for steak la of course)

Okay we should go there next time okay slave?

Here’s my raw lamb steak. Yummy!!! This set cost only RM19.90
Erm I have no idea whether it’s cheap or expensive because that was my first time eating steak. Damn loser right me? Sigh.

The chubby slave XD

The cute master. Ehh sorry I look a bit retarded in here. Please ignore my thumb. I can’t think of any better pose hence the lame pose.

Half-cooked lamb.
Basically we need to cook our own lamb steak on the hot grilling stone.
My lamb so cute. Awwwww
Air liur meleleh already ar when I see this picture again T________T

All right. I got to do some research for my assignments and then I’m gonna enjoy tonight with my old school friends for the early 2011 New Year Countdown :)

Till then. Toodles.


Ash said...

that's a really nice way to serve a steak. :)

ruby said...

hahaha yeah... quite tasty too

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