Monday, March 7, 2011

Working Life

I'm entering my second week of training now.
Hmmm working life is seriously damn hectic and tiring.
I prefer my studying life (deduct the assignments and examinations) LOL.

So this is going to be a short post.

Was on the way back from Jasin's Magistrate Court where the road was fulled with BN and PAS flags.
Election nak datang la katakan.

My weekends were spent wisely.
Went to catch a movie by the name of UNKNOWN.
The movie was catchy and it's very nice :)

Then headed to Jonker for dinner.

The next day.
Went to Pink Berrys with my employer and his family for a free food testing :P

This is Durian flavor 

My Honey Dew flavor

Mango flavor

The two little mischievous kids, especially the younger one. lol

After that I headed to Jonker. Went to Year 1673 for some snacks.

Ate a lot that day. Gosh. Fatness. I tried the durian puffs and seriously damn nice. OMG!!! I forgot to take a picture of it. Will take the picture later. Might be going to Jonker for lunch now. I gotta go. Toodles

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