Sunday, March 20, 2011

Work Hard Play Harder

Spend 4 damn whole days just to complete all the bundle thingy. The boxes above contains 18 jilid and imagine we need to do 4 copies of every 18 jilid. Imagine how thick that is. Above is only one set out of 4 sets.

If you think the mooting bundle was thick. After looking at this, i think the mooting bundle was just a piece of paper. hahahahaha.

We completed the whole thing on Thursday. So I decided to chill that day after work.
Went to Big Apple with David. Lepak there for awhile since he wanted to watch movie with his friends while I am waiting for Mark to have dinner with me.

Went to chicken rice shop for dinner.

Then went to have gui lin gao again a.k.a the bitter jelly (I created the name myself) :D

I wanted the original one but too bad sold out. So i tried the Pearl one. RM8 per bowl. FML!
I think the original one is way better lor.


Went down town today for a movie.
Before that we had lunch in Kenny Rogers.


We watched Mars need Moms. It's quite a good movie lor. Managed to make me cry. wtf.
After movie, went to Starbucks.

After Starbucks went to Green Apple for another round. WTF?

Saw this cool thing. lol.

After that we headed to Jonker. Had asam laksa and durian puffs. lol

RM3 for two durian puffs.

okay no more money. time to sleep. night.

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