Wednesday, March 16, 2011

# will you hold it against me

See the amount of files in all of the pictures above?

Yeap that's all the files that we (Andrew, David and I) have to chop, photocopy, bind, unbind back, print and much more la. You think its funny? It's not even close to funny. Due to that, we had to overtime until 10.30pm yesterday. And all the jobs were not even half done. See how crazy it was.

Imagine chopping each and every single page manually. If you think it's only one copy each then think again. There's 4 copies for every single documents. There's about 20+ different documents and from that multiply it with 4 sets equals to about roughly 80+ documents. Chop until my fingers become rough and my right hand muscles gone numb.

Thanks to my employer for treating us dinner in McD :)
We worked until 10.30pm that night.


Today we continued the same job again.
As for lunch, we had pork noodles :)

Not as tasty as before. Hmmmm... I wonder why.


Tried this new KFC Toasted Pocketful and it's quite delicious.

Went to watch Rango that day. hahaha it's a funny movie. damn stupid.

The animals in this Nickelodeon production is kinda creepy looking type. In other words the 'geli' type. hahaha. Just look at Rango itself. Ewww lizard.

After movie, had a cup of apple tea in Big Apple.

After that we headed to errrr.... okay I seriously can't remember this shop name even after entering there for like millions of time.

Mark loves the bitter jelly. hehehehe really damn nice when you add it with some honey. Lovely.

Off to bed. Toodles :)

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