Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Camera and My First Day of Legal Attachment.

It's been 11 days since I lost my pinky. Yesterday I decided to get a new digicam. After considering whether to get Sony or Olympus, I opted for Olympus again. Seriously the price is super affordable and I get quite a number of free stuffs.

The functions is way better than Sony and the price i cheaper than Sony. So why wouldn't I choose Olympus right?

Yes it has to be pink in color ;)
I'm just vain like that.

Here's the free gifts that I got from my purchase :D

Plus I got 2 extra batteries :)
and it comes along with 4GB SD Card.
Seriously damn good shitz deal :)

After PC FAIR we went to sushi king for dinner.

lol marky learning how to use the chopstick. lol so cute.

Okay we ate like mad that night O____O

I've overspend this month T__________________T

<3 my new camera to the max.


Woke up 6.30an this morning to prepare for my first day attachment.
Departed at 7.40am and reached around 8.10am.

First day mah. Need to give a good impression.

Camwhored a little in the car while waiting for my office to open at 8.30am. huhu~

hahaha sepet to the max LOL!

My very first task for day ONE.

1. learn to bind submission.
2. learn to use the photocopy machine
3. learn to fax
4. reading bundle regarding to defamation case.

5. learn how to open file for recording purposes
6. learn how to draft notice of demand
7. identify movie names for our cetak rompak case.
8. learn how to make calls (though I haven't call anyone yet cause i'm too shy)
Basically I do learned quite a number of things on my first day :)

Had my lunch together with Andrew, David and Victoria. Thanks for the treat Victoria :)

I had rice and blueberry juice. Doesn't taste like blueberry at all. ugh!

Victoria had this cute little tiny burgers, OMG damn cute. seriously damn tiny. hehehehehe

As for the two guys. They had a beef burger.

Off to bed. Till then folks :)

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