Thursday, March 24, 2011

Twenty Four Seven

It's week 4 and still counting.
8 weeks more to go.
Gosh... time do flies.

Finally I've been to Wok and Pan. Gosh.
Previously I thought it was a high class restaurant or something.
Mana tau super small only -___________-
Damn sempit pula tu.

Alec joined us for lunch that day.

My Pork Chop. hahahahahaha *ehem* tasty :P

Jason treated us. Thanks Jason :)
Hope you enjoy in your coming 'bitch' party. Oppsie I mean beach party. LOL. sorry inside joke.


As for today. I woke up at 5.50am so that I can reach in my office by 7.15am. Followed Victoria to Muar's Court together with David.

Fresco. Hmm seems like Tesco version for me hahaha.

We reached Muar's Court about 8.45am.

The toilet

The Cafeteria

See la. More canggih than Melaka's High Court Cafe. hahahaha. And we are talking about Muar okay bebeh.

Fuhh... Muar got GIANT wei... hahahaha damn sakai... macam tak pernah tengok Giant.

I do think that Muar is a nice developed tiny town. Looks very peaceful one.

After everything was done, we went to hunt for food.

It's all about food and travelling today. hehehe :)
Thanks David for the treat :)

After that we drove all the way to Alor Gajah's Puspakom to find a witness.

Too bad the witness no longer works there. Waste our time only.

Then we went for lunch. hahaha.

Okay that's the end of our Journey. hahaha. Tiring but I enjoyed it very much. I think I attached to the right Firm :)

Other attachment students, please don't envy okay :D

4 weeks of attachment, I've been to Jasin's court, Tangkak's court, and also Muar's court.
Fun much?
Yes do.



g_pentium said...

dang..u are gaining weight and ur hair is getting longer..hehe

ruby said...

hahaha no.. i am not gaining weight at all.
Yeah my hair is slightly longer a bit now.

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