Sunday, March 13, 2011

One after another

Second week of attachment. Caught sick with cough and flu. Must have contracted the disease from 2 of my colleagues. I'm a weak girl with a weak immune system :(

Had chicken rice ball. YUM YUM~
Victoria treated us again that day.
Thanks a lot babe :)

Went to Tangkak's Magistrate Court on Friday. It was raining quite heavily starting from 7am+ until about 1pm.

Had chicken rice again in Tangkak. We had 2 types of vegetables, char siew, and also some eggs.
Free food again :D

When we were waiting for our food. Suddenly there's a man who approached my employer and asked " are you an accountant?"

hahahaha. Mr Damian answered NO.

When he walked away, we started making fun of ourselves by saying that we are working as a promoter. Can't you see why we are wearing black and white. hahahaha!


I finally tried the soya bean house after so long living in melaka o.o

Well all I can say is that I'm not a big fan of Soya Bean.

I heard rumors said that drinking soya bean could help to make the boobs bigger o.O
owh and also papaya with milk. O______O

Both not my favorite drink. I hate both of these. Maybe I should learn to love these drinks to enlarge *ehem* you know what :P


Here's a little update on my cute little sugar pie boyfie *hearts*
He's growing bigger now.
Awww guci guci guuu~~

hahahahaha cat eyes. MEOW~

Missing you so much <3

1 comment:

g_pentium said...

size nt matter

btw,seriously ive yet to be there tat soya house.

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