Thursday, May 14, 2015


Instead of coffee, we had hot chocolate and babycino (milk)

Chilling at That's Coffee.
I love the bigass kitty pillow.

Love the full length mirror they installed in the lawyer's room in Court.

Look at the amount of bags.
All filled with bundle of documents.

Post-Wedding Dinner treat from Sher Lyn.
Thanks for the invitation babe.


OMG! Banana Leaf Rice.

Papa John with Baby John.

This flowerish blouse make me so much sweeter right?

Teddy Bear Cafe (TBC)

Another pretty new place in Melaka as well.
Located at Hatten Square.

Love the teddy bear theme.
A suitable place for a camwhorer freak.
Lots of cute teddies for you to take a picture with.


Freaking gigantic teddy bear!

Busy scribbling our names on the sticky note.

I was too busy taking photo with Sher Lyn's newly bought selfie stick that I actually forgotten to take a picture of the list of foods and drinks in the menu.

Couldn't make a review for this place as of now. I had ordered a tea that day because it was raining outside. The effing cold weather made me feel like drinking something hot and warm.

So I thought by ordering tea, I'll get some decent tea. Unfortunately we were served with only the normal Lipton Tea bag which cost RM6.90 per cup.


However, I'll still give credits for the ambiance though.


Have your ever seen green nasi lemak in your life before?
Well this is my first time wei! Amazingly it taste really good especially the sambal.

Carrot Cake.

24th Apr - 4th May

Books that I managed to grab for less than RM100.

I saw the National Geographic Traveler book in other bookstores whereby it cost about at least RM70.
Guess how much I got it for? About RM10-12 only!
Although I don't really need the book, but heck! It's cheap! Beli saja lah....

And I kept telling myself to have a wise financial planning.....
duhh! Damn fail.

Hopefully the book will come handy to me in the near future. (hinting le boyfie)

Till then.


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