Saturday, May 9, 2015

Love For Food

Whats up peep?
Miss me?

I know you do or else you won't be here spending time reading this post.



If you have noticed, I am evolving.
Trying to be more chio-er. LOL
Had a 14.5mm violet contact lense for a bigger eye effect.
To deceive guys they say. hahahahaha!

This took place a couple of months back..

Meet Andrew. By far one of the lamest guy friend I had.
His dry jokes are very lame but somehow it always amuses me.
Gotta give you credit for that, boy.

Sorry... I couldn't recall your names. My bad.

Yours truly.

We were trying so hard to save money that night by not eating in Jonker. (tahan kelaparan demi masa hadapan yang cerah).
Unfortunately by the time we reached Wings Cafe, both of us were starving to death.
Ended up we ate a heavy meal which cost 5x the price of food we could get in Jonker.
I blame our 'high class bitchy stomachs'.


Life is incomplete without a bunch of girl friends outing.

Maximizing all the time we have before Sher Lyn move to Perak permanently.
(She's already in Perak while I blog this now *sobs*)

Desserts for the sweet ladies.



Finally the boyfie is back!
Therefore, for the next few post, you'll see his annoying face most of the time.

Hari-hari berdating saja le kerja aku.

Hash and Tag ☑ checked

A decent place to chill after your movies in GSC Aeon Melaka.
The cafe is located opposite of Aeon.

The drinks were quite okay.
Environment wise was decent for relaxing.
Overall the place is quite comfy.
Do give them a visit if you appear to be somewhere around that area.
Their operation hours are from 4pm to 1am.

Had our second coffee round that very same night.
I love doing all these with my Mr. Annoying.

There's another cafe which I've always wanted to visit for quite some time ago.
The reason for not going was because it's pretty hard to get a parking at that area.

The cafe is known as Bites.
It is located at Jalan Parameswara.
I really love their interior. Very pretty.


One of my most favorite new spot would be Paddles and Beans Cafe.
It is located one row with Swan Garden Hotel at Taman Kota Syahbandar.

Instead of food review.. here's a bigass selfie picture of myself.

Their food is very delicious and affordable too.
I love their banana chocolate. Taste very delicious!

Spicy sweet and sour pollock fish comes with an Ice Lemon Tea. (Lunch Set)

I went there back in April and they are still having this set lunch promotion.


Tea time. 
The blueberry yogurt ice blended is a must try!

Mee Soto for dinner.
One of the best mee soto I've tried.

Unfortunately I can't remember what's the name of the shop.
It's a Malay or an Indonesian shop. Located (not that nearby but somewhere) behind Melaka Central.

I'm craving for it now T___T


A short trip to KL with Mark.
Just to meet up with a bunch of awesome friends.

Tomyam meletop! Macam makan dekat Thailand.

The food was good, no doubt about that.
The price is quite high expensive though.

Lepaking session with Mr. Park.

Bought this Hulk figurine from TGV Cinemas.

Yumcha with gang malaya.
Le GFF with his super sepet eyes.
Lagi sepet daripada mata ku.


Breakfast the following day at Just Pie - One Utama

Run Devil Run~

My Bourbon Fish @ RM 35.90
Speckled Lemonade Blueberry @ RM 12.90

Salmon Veg Skillet @ RM 37.90

Garrett Popcorn Maniac, that's me :)

Bought the Jumbo size. Wooohhooo! As big as my head.

Popcorn delivery girl.


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