Saturday, May 30, 2015

Love For Food Part 2

If you think blogging is hard, wait until you need to think of a post title.
I love blogging, but sometimes I hate to think of a blog post title.
It takes me hours or worse case scenario a few days just to come up with one bloody title.
Yeap you read me right. FEW DAYS!

I'm in the mood of blogging quite often lately.
Thanks to my free schedule now.
Workload is not that crazy for now, at least.
Unfortunately living in cloud nine will not last long, my hectic life will resume this coming June.
Booohooo :(

For those who wanted to try Caramel Custard/Pudding so badly (one of the must try dessert when you're in Perak), you can actually get it in Melaka as well.

There's this Arabian shop called Dima in MMU Bukit Beruang area. I have totally forgotten about the existence of such shop.

The Barbican (halal liquor) taste very good! 
Beside the caramel custard/pudding is Areeka. Super sweet fattening dessert with a combination of cheese and honey and I-have-no-freaking-idea-what-else-is-inside

I don't really like it because it is too damn sweet. However, Mark loves it so much. Ughh!
If I'm not mistaken, it cost RM8-10 per bowl.

The best time to eat BR is on Wednesday!!

Enjoying ice cream with colleagues.


Finally a lepaking session with Amber.
So hard to actually hang out with her.

Dinner time.

Junior lawyers with senior lawyer - Mr. Chia.

Love this photo effect.

Member-member Chia & Lee.


The current hype bakery (in Malaysia saja la) is nonetheless Tous Les Jour.
Just by the name, you'll think that the franchise is wholly owned by a Frenchmen or something.
However, this franchise comes from South Korea - CJ Group. (correct me if I'm wrong).
I know right!!!
I was quite shocked to discover about it.


My breakfast set.
Tous Les Jour ☑ checked

Discovered a newly open Burger Restaurant known as The Counter.
It is well know for their custom built burger where you can create your very own burger.

You can find The Counter at Pavilion.
Pavilion is the first one to bring this franchise in Malaysia.

The menu

More burgers!

These are our burgers.

I couldn't recall what I had but the taste was not as what I expected.
I don't really like it.
Sorry The Counter, you have not reached my expectations.


Went to dip n' dip for dessert.
☑ checked

 Brownies Crepe @ RM28.50
Very sweet but I love it so much!

 Chocolate Fondant Cake @ RM13.50

Everything is just so sweet.
Make sure to drink plenty of mineral water after that.

Shopped for books to end our day.


Had a cup of Napoli at Subang Airport.
No effing idea what's that anyway but the taste was good.

Lunch at Fuel Shack!
Yummy patties.

Looks like durian puff but double the size.

It's called beard papa cream puffs. RM8 per piece.
We bought durian flavor and red bean flavor.
Sedap oh!


Moo moo for dessert.

Lastly, we had our dinner at Tony Roma's to conclude our short trip to KL (again).

Steakhouse Burger @ RM 21.90
Taste was so-so.

I had Shrimp & Salmon Piccata @ RM 45.90
This is surprisingly good.


Back to reality but still on a food hunting journey with boyfriend.

Nasi briani gum at Pokok Mangga Melaka.
Uiiii sedap wor!

Naan from Pak Putra.
One of Melaka 'must try' food.

Fattening lunch at Secret Recipe.

Tesco was having a sale on Pocky the other day.
This explain the picture above.

Okay that's all for now.


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