Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thailand - Hua Hin (Ruankasalong Hua Hin Holiday House & Chatsila Night Market)

5/8/2015 - Thailand - Hua Hin - Day 2 (Part 3)

We stayed at Ruankasalong Holiday House (entire house) when we were at Hua Hin.
The house is located quite a distance from the beach and also from the main attraction.
You are not recommended to stay there unless you have a personal transport to drive you around. The place is somewhat like a rural area.

The moment we arrived, we were greeted by their friendly host.


Let's do a tour around the house.

The 'dining area' is located outside of the house. Near the main gate. 
Hmm interesting.

The living room.
Mark looks dead tired here. 

The Master Bedroom

With a private bathroom attached to it.

Room Number 2

TV provided in room 2.

Room 3. 


The place was huge. Suitable for a group of friends or family which can fit about 7 people.

I booked the place through and the entire house cost only RM560 per night.

After resting for a couple of hours, we went to Chatsila Night Market. We wanted to visit Cicada Market as well. Unfortunately the Market opens only from Friday-Sunday.

We had our dinner here.

This is a nice place to chill.
You can see many foreigners lepaking around this area.
There's a whole stretch of restaurants for you to dine in.
We've decided to settle down at Bird Chilli.

Pad Thai, Mix Vegetables and Fried Squids.

Scallops, Tom Yam and Green Curry Chicken.

Make sure to patch yourself with a mosquito patch. Sibei banyak nyamuk wei!
Blood donation.

After dinner, it is shopping time!
The things sold there are slightly more expensive compared to the ones you can find or get in Bangkok.
So pandai-pandai pilih barang ye.

One of the cute stall owner.

In the process of bargaining.

All of us purchased quite a number of items that night.

Back in homestay.

Late night supper with the girls.

Since we are in Thailand, maka kena lah tengok Thai Kick Boxing.

I had this tomyam 'maggie' cup which taste ulalalala~
Sedap betul.

And it is also a drinking night session with the girls. 
Except for Lyn. She minum susu sebelum tidur.

You must be wondering what happened to the guys right?
Well, ironically both of them K.O wei -________-

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