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Thailand - Bangkok (Grand Palace)

7/8/15 - Thailand - Bangkok - Day 4

Grand Palace is one of the must visit attraction when you are in Bangkok.

I got cheated outside of the entrance.

While standing outside, the man in the white with a line shirt on the left, out of the sudden hand me a packet of bird food. Being the naive and innocent me, I thought he gave me for free because I'm cute (hahahaha muka tak malu). So after I fed the birds, Mark stared at me in shocked. He told me that I have to pay for it and I was like omg seriously?

Guess how much does it cost?
70 baht for a packet of bird food -_____-
Fuck my life.

I might as well just enjoy the lost of RM7 moment.

The pigeons claws left me a few scratches on my hand.
Thank you so much for the lovely memories.

I think the pigeon has a secret crush towards Mark.

So here are some useful tips if you want to visit Grand Palace.

1. Do not wear shorts/mini skirts/sleeveless shirt or even a sandal. (However I don't know how I managed to escape from the guards for wearing a sandal).

2. Bring along an umbrella and also a bottle of water. The weather can be a killer.

3. Keep your ticket for free entry to Viamanmek Palace.

The Grand Palace is always open. Do not get scam from scammers (drivers especially) who claimed that the place is closed for some sort of ceremony. They will then bring you to other attraction and get commission for that.

If you don't have any long trousers or skirts, don't worry. Saw my bohemian elephant print pants in the picture above? Well, you can get that outside of the Grand Palace. Many vendors are actually selling it. Make sure to bargain!

On that particular day, there was some sort of praying ceremony going on.
The crowd was extremely scary.

Human Traffic!

Ticket cost 500 baht per person.

I love this candid shot.
Can you tell me what do you see in it? 

We were supposed to spend half of our day in Grand Palace but ended up exploring only for two hours and decided to leave for our shopping spree plan. Thanks to the massive human jam and also to the hot blazing sunny weather.

We then took two separate tuk-tuk to Chinatown which was only a waste of time and money.

Next stop was at Platinum Mall.

Had our lunch to recharge our dead batteries.
Once we were fully recharged, it was time to shop until dead broke.
Platinum Mall closes at 7pm, mind you.

They have around 7 floors and 3 different buildings if I am not mistaken.
You will need at least 2 days to walk every corner, sections, floors, buildings to cover each and every single thing! hahahahaha.

I only managed to cover one building.

It is better if you shop with your girl friends because you will get a wholesale price if you shop more than 3 items and above.

Then we took a tuk-tuk to Pratunam. The driver was kind enough to let all 6 fat cows to hop into his tiny little vehicle for the price of 50 baht. Jimat betul duit transportation. Thank God the ride was for a mere 5 minutes or else we will die inside the tuk-tuk.

The 6 fat cows.

Mark ended up having leg cramps because I was sitting on his lap the entire journey.
And he has to squat for the entire journey. HAHA!
Talking about flexibility of the human body.
It was one hell of an experience. Fun and crazy at the same time.

Dinner time.

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