Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thailand - Hua Hin (Hua Hin Railway Station and Plearn Wan)

6/8/2015 - Thailand - Hua Hin - Day 3 (Part 1)

Breakfast is included in Ruankasalong.

Most of the hotels that we stayed doesn't provide breakfast unless you are willing to fork out a little bit more of an extra amount of money to request for breakfast set.

All set by the hostess.

Rice early in the morning. O__O
Holidays are meant to be fat they say.

Our first stop was to visit the Railway Station.
There's nothing there. The end. No more story.

Just for the sake of being part of the 'kiasu' tourist, we visited the place mainly for photo taking purposes only.
Seriously there is nothing there. Except for the railway track and of course maybe the train? However, there's no train at the time we arrived.

Been there. Done that. Checked.

Ohmaiigawddd! Railway track!

Spending about 10-15 minutes there is more than enough.

Now let's move on to the next destination.


We did nothing much by the beach. Just took a short stroll, take a couple of selfies and adios.
Because the group wasn't very keen of spending extra time there.
Nothing much for us to do except for horse riding. Not sure how much does it cost for the horse ride.
Go google it up and find the info in other human's blogs okay.

The third stop was at Hua Hin Market Village.
A shopping mall.
Yes we memang mengada-ngada wanna go shopping mall just to get aircond.
Diva lah katakan, pantang kena panas sikit, cair kulit terus.

Hua Hin Market Village.
There's nothing much in here as well.

After spending an hour absorbing the free aircond, we went to Plearn Wan.

Welcome to Plearn Wan!

This place is quite small actually. At first I thought I could spend at least 3 hours there. Unfortunately, you'll get bored after an hour. hahahaha!
But... but... it is still quite a pretty place to take photos.

You can find food stalls, clothing store, accessories stalls, etc etc....

Jang jang jang~

I had Me Jang for lunch. 

20 Baht each, 50 Baht for 3.

This one is good!

We had matcha and thai tea flavored mochi.

Banana dip in some sweet caramel (or was it something like gula melaka) kinda gravy. 
I don't really like it though.

Once we were done with our food hunting in Plearn Wan, we headed straight back to Bangkok.

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