Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Leaving nothing but footprints.

All of us will eventually reach to a point where we have to part ways with friends or even family just to build our own career and also to build our very own family.

Everyone has their own path and responsibilities.
Bid farewell to all those silly and crazy memories that you used to do back in college/university.
Skipping classes whenever you feel like it, hanging out by the mamak until middle the night while watching football or playing dota, yumcha almost every break in between classes, loitering around the malls, or even hibernating in your room.


Although I've graduated about 1 and a half years, but still I miss my University life especially my friends!

Everyone is leaving Melaka bit by bit to every different continents in Malaysia. 
Those that are currently practicing in Melaka can be counted by my fingers.
Semua nak pergi KL. Kota yang highly paid la konnonya kan. After deduct expenses... lahh lebih kurang je tu. LOL!

Well for this guy, instead of heading to KL he decided to fly super far away (about 2 hours flight from LCCT) hahahaha!

Instead of KL it is known as KK. Lebih kurang juga la tu kan.
May you excel in your work and life.

 Sending him off.

*sedih for 5 minutes je*
Then off we headed to Sunway Pyramid for THOR in IMAX! Weeeee~
You miss the fun Fikry :P

 With my handsome boy and my kelefeh jacket :)
OOTD - black high waist skirt with colorful print peplum top.

Was busy camwhoring with the boyfie but dua ekor budak kat belakang tu pun menyibuk nak jadi spoiler. hahahahahaha! 

I still prefer normal movies compared to 3D.
Buat pening kepala je.

Dinner in TGIF :)

 My FOOD of the day. 

The babe was in Pyramid as well for Thor.
 Managed to take a couple of pictures before her movie. 

With Mak Cik Princess Nicole.

With long lost twin - Kei Kei (first time meeting her in real life although we always combo in twitter/fb to tembak makcik nicole teheee)

Fantastic FOUR

 Second round in Sushi King.

Mirul with his new ride. Lawa nombor plate kereta ye bang!


Wani and Syafiq's Wedding

The Bride and Groom together with their family. 

 Love the flower so much.

 With the pretty bride.

Selamat pengantin baru to both of you.


Kyla Pearlisha said...

hai ruby.nice to meet u here. i think u not recognize me.but i do know u. SMKST but diff class ;)

ruby said...

kyla: Hello.. hmm u kelas apa masa kat SMKST ye?

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