Monday, November 4, 2013

Macam best jer.

Ignore my post title.
 Macam comel jer :)


About 3 weeks ago Melaka was having a public holiday due to TYT's Birthday.
We've decided to go up KL again to meet up with a bunch of friends.

 Le boyfriend with his purchase.

 I had my dinner at Ninja Joe.

Our first round was at Nandos.

 Next was at Silverspoon @ Publika.

Last month was Oktoberfest hence we were celebrating it too! Got myself a free mug as you can see from the picture above. RM40 for it.

 Love this picture. They look so cool except for Jason, coz he looks more cute rather than cool in here. LOL!

 Group photo.

 The guys.

 Us girls.

 One last silly picture of us before heading back to our own respective homes.


 My food lust was fulfilled after the boyfie brought me to Hokkaido. Craving for their smoked salmon for ages. Damn sedap!


There's this new Mamee Museum in Jonker.
They are selling their products and tourist can also stop by for some local food. 
Unfortunately they have a very limited choice of food..

 Duck face wannabe :)

My chicken rice balls. Macam besar jer~

 Mark's satay maggie goreng. Macam sedap jer~

 During the night, we met up with Jr, Yunzhi and Amber. I enjoyed the night so much. 
Drama overloads!


I only managed to watch six movies in the month of October.

- Rush
- Gravity
- Escape Plan
- Make Your Move
- Special ID
- Tom Yam Gong 2

Overall October has been a very good month to me and how I wished it will remain October forever :(

We started off our November with a pint of BR Ice Cream hoping that everything will go on smoothly ;)

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Ash Hazareru said...

omg you watched that mcm comel jer video too...hahaha. its get annoying after my friend keep using that phrase. xDDD

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