Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bid Bad Wolf 2013

YES! The BIG BAD WOLF is back and this time around they are having a book sale for 10 days straight without any break. 230 Hours okay!

You can shop until you drop.

I've decided to visit them on the very first day right after work. Went up to KL just for the sake of this book fiesta. Got stuck in jam for more than 4 hours and finally arrived there around 11pm+

Mind you. My bus to KL was at 6pm alright. Took me more than 5 hours just to set my foot at the MIECC.
The moment I reached there I went gugugaga :)
Although it was almost midnight but the crowd was crazy!
Here's some pictures taken by mademoiselle.


Didn't buy anything on the first day.
Was too tired due to all the travelling. So I've decided to scout for books the following day.

Our lunch.

Place for you to makan :)

Spent couple of hours in BBW and we bought quite a number of books.
Unfortunately I was quite disappointed because most of the novels are not up to my liking.

Lunch at Nandos. 

Went to watch Homefront after lunch just to have a break from the BBW madness.

Tea time at Sweet Chat

And we continued shopping for books again right after having our tea break.
And here's the amount of books we bought for Day 2.

Buat muka kesian minta le boyfriend to buy me Skin Food christmas pack products.
1. Body Gel
2. Wrinkle Neck Cream
3. Lotion
All of the above were made out of Grape Seed Oil.

At the hotel's lobby - The Mines

Breakfast at Toast Box with a Venice-look-alike-view. hahaha!

It feels so good when someone is doing all the dirty job (breaking the half boiled eggs) for you. *loves*

We managed to grab a couple of books on Day 3 before heading off to Midvalley.
Had a great trip and the purchase was a very good deal.
Can't wait for BBW to come down Melaka. I am so gonna shop again! 

Lunch at T.G.I.F - Grilled Lamb

Christmas Deco in Midvalley.

The boyfie accompanied me to TBS. Till we meet again *sobs*

Dunkin Donuts weee! 

On the other hand a non-related topic. My complete set of Hello Kitty collection from McD.

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