Monday, February 18, 2013

The year of a Snake

This year Chinese New Year was quite dull and boring.
The more I grew, the more I lost the excitement.
But one thing that I like about this year's CNY was that I managed to hang out with most of my Secondary school friends. I still remembered the past year, I had to celebrate CNY while reading law books for the finals which was just right after CNY. Ughhh...
What a mood spoiler.

Day One

Celebrated at my late maternal grandparent's place.
No gambling this time. Just more to chit chatting and eating.
Had a family reunion again that night (had a CNY-Eve dinner the day before) in a restaurant.
I only had little photos this year.

That's it. Basically that's what I did for the first day.

Day Two

Can't remember what I did in the morning. probably went for some house visiting.
Had an open house invitation by Shawn during the night.

Pee Yin, Mei Liang and I 

I'm using my lousy Olympus camera coz the boyfie took the camera back with him to his hometown.
That explains why I don't take much photos for CNY.

 Hong and Kengy

 The new couple. 
Not that new afterall.

Went to Casa De Cafe for yumcha session after that.
Basically it's all about food food food and more food.

 Hong with Poh Huat

 With Sher Lyn

Day Three

Day three was one hell of a tiring day.
Visited friends house from 11.30am until about 5pm.
Picture sources are all taken from iPhone 5. Credits to Kenny Ong. Sorry for misusing your phone to capture my shameless face. haha.

 Such a bad hair day. 

With the ONG's
All of us are from the ONG family. Muahahahahaha!!
Semua lawa-lawa belaka kan? :P

 Chiew a.k.a PSY


Had another round of family reunion dinner on Day Three.
Enjoyed my day to the maximum.

 Day Four and on-going

I had to work on Day Four. No extra holidays given.
Sad case.
No more house visiting except for Day 6. Wilson had a small open house where he only invited minimum amount of friends to his place.

Lepak at Station 1 until 2am before heading back home.

In a way, I do enjoy my simple CNY by hanging out and do some catching up with old friends.

February is such a joyful month filled with eventful events.
I'll blog about my Valentine's Celebration in my next post.
Till then.
Adios peeps.

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