Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Danny the Boss came down Melaka for a 2 days trip.
It has been quite some time since we last hang out.

We went to Pak Putra for dinner in the evening, under the blazing hot sun (although the sun was about to set). It was just a simple meal but it reminds us of our University life.
*nostalgic feelings*

After dinner we shoot straight up to KL for the training course.
Instead of wasting our Friday night sleeping in the Hotel, we were invited to Ying-Le's mini Birthday celebration.

The celebration was at Jalan Raja Chulan in Havana.
Oh God. I was so under-dressed that night.
The entire street was filled with pubs and bistros and damn a lot of foreigners.
Most of the girls were well dressed up except for me.
Who the heck wore a jeans and an oversize tee to these kind of place la?
Emo :(

I blame my working life. (irrelevant)

 The Birthday girl

 Amirul and Alec

 Tired + naked face of mine.

 Photo spoiler - Fikry

 Corona Extra @RM22

 Ying Le and Wilson

 Rachel and Hanson

Beef burger @ RM30

Rib Eye Steak @ RM40 or 50+

 Look at how cute she is counting money while half drunk. hahaha!

Le Girls

 The 'kepoh' Hanson :P

Slept quite late and was having a tough time waking up the next day for training course.
Overall it was fun. Especially when you get to meet up with old friends and what's best is that you get to make new friends too.

Happy Birthday sexy Ying Le!


Let's rewind back to last month.

Boyfie bought a new mug from Starbucks (Christmas edition)

 Dine in Kushitei

 RM14.90 per set.

Yumcha after watching Hansel & Gretel and also Parker.
2 movies in a row without a break.

 Went to MITC Mc Cafe which was newly open and I believe it's the first one in Melaka.

 Snowtime in BB Plaza

 I like this game. You know why? 
About Love, Hate & the other ones.
Just like my blog - Me, You, Other, Site.

 KM was actually preparing for final exam and the minute i asked him to hang out, he said ok.
So 'gan dong'

Celebrated 3 super girls birthday in the office.

 The first Birthday girl.


Third. Boo! None of us were the Birthday girls.

The real Birthday girls.
Happy Birthday!!


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