Monday, February 11, 2013

Le Finale.

I can't believe that in a blink of an eye, that's the end of our hectic schedule in January.
No more classes for good (I hope).
I can't be fully assured until all the results have been released.
But as for now, just let me enjoy my February with peace.

Our final course was regarding on Conveyancing practice topic.
I'm glad that such a boring and dry topic was conducted by a super funny lawyer with a good sense of humor. It makes the class very enjoyable although most of us were half-dead.

 Playing with their phones before the class started.

 Why so serious?

It was a long Saturday where we have to sit for lecture for 8 hours.
My chewing gum is the only thing that managed to wake me up and it also saves the life of other dead zombies.

After the class ended, I thought of going back to the hotel to get some long nap.
Unfortunately, good food is waiting for me. To hell with sleeping plan. I am going to feed my tummy with lots of love.

We made a stop at Qiao Rou's hotel.
The moment I stepped into her room, I saw this:-

Jibear posing.

You're wondering why Jibear? The name Ji is for Jia rou a.k.a Qiao Rou. So when you put Ji and Bear together, walaaaa.... you'll get Jibear.
But if you're smart and dirty minded enough. You'll know that Jibear actually stands for another meaning as well. hahahaha! Go figure it out yourself.

 It takes two to Tango.

All of us looked so chubby in here T__T

 Super classic pillow case. Reminds me of my grandmother.

 Rested for an hour and off for a food hunting.

I don't know why I made such facial pose. I thought that by slimming my face would help others to fit their faces into the camera. HAHAHAHAHA!!

 China Town in Petaling Street.

 Kim Lian Kee Restaurant.
The place where we opted for dinner.

Lor Mee. 

 Very delicious. Can you see the five thumbs up? That's how good it was.
But too bad it's non halal.

Wet Kuey Teow

 Squids! Yummy.
This is damn delicious. I don't know what dish it is called.
But you must order this dish if you dine in Kim Lian Kee restaurant.

 Fried Pork. 
Super delicious too. But very fattening.

Baby Kai Lan.
 My favorite. Everything taste so good. 
My tummy had a great feast.

The total bill was about RM100 for 5 types of dishes. Quite expensive but it's worth the money.

 Jia Rou bought some chestnut on the way back.

Petaling Street is a place where you can get any BRANDED brands item for a very cheap and affordable price. But of course it's not original la. But it looks quite similar. For those who love to own a branded stuffs but can't afford to get the real deal. Why not getting one for yourself from Petaling Street?
Nobody would have ever notice it is fake unless they have an eagle eyes.

 Steven with his Tau Fu Fa.

That's the end of our food journey.
Back to the hotel, we stopped by every floors to take a picture.
Each floor has different background theme colors.

 Chek Kang

 Kai Choy



Jibear JR

The following day was time for our Test.

My early breakfast.

I took the chance to capture my ex course-mates photo before the end of the day.
This might be our one final gathering in life.
God knows when we could see/meet/bump into one another again.

 Poh Yee, Hui Zhen and Hui Chyi

Siaw Ching, Cindrell and I

 Iylia, Roshini and Tharshini.

 Q, Zefen and Cindy.

 Nisha, Ashvin and Cindy

 Alec, Shao Hang and Chuan Guang

Liang Xuan, Katherina, Cindy, Zefen and Q

 Edy and Fik (gay partners forever!)

 Poh Yee and Gan

 Zakwan, Amirul and David.

Papa bear, haasyieff and Danial

 CK, KC and Rou rou :P

 Melissa, Kelly, Jr and Lynette

 Joshua, Ang, CK and KC

 Lynette and I ;)

 Hana, Azmiza, Iman and Yusri

Them with Steven.

 Joanne Loke

 With Iman and Aimuni.

Nusrah, Iman, Aimuni, Mark, Fikry and I

 Shad, Kc, Mark and Steven

OMG okay I should stop naming each and every person in every single picture. Super tiring lor.
I'm actually amazed that I still remember most of my course-mate names.

 It's time to say Goodbye.
Adios amigos my dear friends.
We can always meet through Facebook. The power of technology :)

I assume this will also be our last meal in Subway.
No more Subway for the next 100 months.

-The End-

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