Saturday, March 11, 2017

Macau - Senado Square / St. Dominic's Church / Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Trip to Hong Kong would be incomplete if you didn't stop by Macau. The journey from Hong Kong to Macau is only about an hour by turbo jet.

Macau is basically a gambling paradise for those gambling freaks. The entire place are filled with casinos!

The hotels in Macau are really damn awesome. The architecture is no joke. It's like i'm living in some sort of futuristic world or something.


We took the China Ferry Terminal which is located in Tsim Sha Tsui. There's another alternative route which is by taking the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal whereby it is near the IFC Towers in Shun Tak Center.

We took the economy class which cost us 164HKD per person for a single trip. Roughly about RM80+ after conversion.

Economy Class. 

 Upon arrival at Macau's Jetty.

Our initial plan was to explore Macau on our own because the price for hiring a tour guide is quite costly for a day trip.

Fortunately for us, while we were looking at the map, studying on how to get to the popular St. Paul's Cathedral, a lady approached us telling us that she could help if we want to. So she gave us the directions on how to get there. After explaining, we were still quite blur, so she offered us a great price for being our personal tour guide for the entire day.

Our first stop was the Grand Emperor Hotel.

All guests and tourists are greeted with the Golden Pathway at the lobby whereby you'll find 78 pure gold bars weighing about one kilogram each.


Can't believe we are stepping on Gold Bars! 

On our way to Senado Square. 

Woots! Sexy mermaids spotted!
- Fishing hurts 

 This is the Senado Square.

You need to get here in order to visit Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral.

 St. Dominic's Church.

And they said the portuguese egg tart is a must try when you're in Macau.

But I'm not sure whether this is the popular one or not lah.
Taste good to me though. Alahh bantai je la.

Finally! Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral.

The weather was freaking hot. I swear to God that I'm melting.

 Ticking it off the bucket list.

Look at their hotels. 

MOP is Macau's currency. MOP 100 is the same as 100HKD in value. 

One way ride cost MOP 100 per person and thanks to our tour guide Ms Ludy, we got it for FREE!

The ride was really awesome. 

Meet our tour guide - Ms Ludy
A filipino lady.

 The Venetian Hotel

We decided to leave Macau earlier because there's nothing much for us to do since we don't gamble.
Budak baik kononnya kan.

 We decided to try the First Class on our way back to Hong Kong. 

Complimentary food lagi tu.

So for those who wants to hire an affordable tour guide in Macau, feel free to contact Ms Ludy Bagaoisan. Click on her name for her facebook link.

Until then :)


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