Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hong Kong - Central to the Peak / Hong Kong Courts / Victoria Peak

Day 4 in Hong Kong.

Unintentionally into matchy-matchy couple outfits.

1) Central to the Peak

This is where you can find one of the longest outdoor escalator in the world : Central - Mid Levels Escalator.

Thanks to Running Man whereby one of their older episodes which was taken in Hong Kong and the RM Members need to run around this escalator to complete their run/mission. That's when I've came to know about this longest escalator thingy.

A 26,000-foot escalator rides up the steep incline to the Mid-Levels. 

 The Cafe where the RM Member's need to guess 
the mixture of drinks prepared by the bartender.

Trying out Lebanese food at Maison. 

RM70+ per lunch set excluding drinks. 

 The meal. 
Ohmaigawd menyesal giler makan benda ni.

2) Hong Kong Court of Appeal

Hello Hong Kong Court!
Thanks to your Hong Kong drama that portray how cool it is to be a lawyer, which lead me into what I am now. *chuckles*

Ain't gonna talk into depth about this. Buat emo saja.

 Been there. Checked.

3) Hong Kong High Court

It's a little bit trickier to find their High Court because it's connected to a shopping mall.

We got there in the afternoon. 
Too bad no proceedings were on-going at that moment. 

 Hello there Court Room No. 15

 The view.

4) Victoria Peak

We were supposed to take the tram up to the peak. Unfortunately, we got lost and couldn't find our way to the tram station.

We used an alternative method which is to go up by bus.
Can't remember which bus and which stop to alight. Go do your own research yourself.
I would recommend you to take the bus up and use the tram down because the view by bus is really amazing. Although the journey could take a longer period, about an hour or so compared to the tram.

The bus will also cost way cheaper than the tram by 5 times?
If my memory serves me well, a single journey by bus to the peak cost around 10HKD meanwhile it cost 35HKD for a single journey by tram and 45HKD for two ways.

The Sky Terrace a.k.a The Peak cost 48HKD per ticket if you purchase it on counter.
You can get a better bargain if you buy it together with the peak tram tickets.

We spent our time there waiting for the sun to set and to witness the entire Hong Kong city.

 Our hand gestures were supposed to spelled as L.O.V.E but what the heck?

Saranghaeyo gemukz.

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