Friday, December 11, 2015

Perak. Here we go!

This is the year where most of my friends have decided to settle down and start up a family.
It is the PEAK MOMENT of fertility they say. It's time to REPRODUCE!!!!

Therefore you'll see my blog post flood with wedding entries soon.

Roughly three (3) weeks ago, it was Ashvinder's wedding in Ipoh Perak.
I took a bus straight to KL right after work, that Friday.
The moment I arrived KL, it was almost midnight.
It was tiring. I no longer possess all the extra energies which I used to have back in Uni days.
I get pretty exhausted easily now.
Maybe it is time for me to get married soon too? Sebab dah tua kot.
(any prince charming who is willing to propose me with a 10 carat diamond ring? *teeehhhee*)
Dream on Ruby. 

So the plan was to meet up with Nicole and Amirul once I arrived Subang Jaya.
We lepak-ed the entire night like there is no tomorrow. Tapi I dah mau mampos separuh jalan sebab mengantuk gila-gila.

We had supper in kedai Mamak. Then ronda-ronda KAYYYEELLLEE!!
Most of the roads were blocked that day because apparently OBAMA was in town.

Aku dah lah penat, si Amirul pula nak ronda-ronda. Nicole pula kata 'the night is still young'.
-_________- there is no such thing as the 'night is still young' once you've started working.
By the time the clock strikes 10pm, it is time for bed. Well that is how my daily routine works.

I wouldn't want to be the spoil sport. So I pun ikut je la ronda-ronda. Tengok permandangan bandar KAYYYELLLEEE *ehem* yang penuh dengan kesesakan lalu lintas.

Then Amirul did a wrong turning and we got stuck in Bukit Bintang area for 30 minutes.
Yeap there goes my 30 minutes.

 The beautiful night view.

We slept around 3am and I woke up around 7.30am while the other two were still sleeping like a pig.
Then we had our breakfast before heading to Perak.

I ordered a plate of nasi lemak with telur, a roti canai and a cup of iced milo.
The two of them were looking at me as if I am some sort of monster.
They said "Ehh you can finish mehhh order so a lot?"

Woooowwww did I just heard that from Amirul's mouth?

I knew that if I couldn't finish my food up, there is always a 'tukang sapu' to help me habiskan my food.
I love you Amirul xoxo.

Amirul was about to eat his food when he was stopped by Nicole Lee.

Nicole : Ehhhh stopp amirul! I want to take a picture first.
Amirul : ohhhh okay.

And that was his expression when Nicole took a couple of minutes just to take 'a picture'.

 Amirul the drama king.

And off we go!
The wheel on the bus go round and round~
Round and round~
All through the town~

 Selfie at the pit stop!

We are here, finally!

After the event ended, we headed to Golden Roof Hotel.
The hotel is quite nice wor.

 Our Bellboy.

 Purple is my new favorite colour.

 Waiting to be checked in.

This is our room.

Deluxe Suit.
Cost only RM160+ a night.

To be continued.........

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