Monday, December 7, 2015

Aunty Koh Cendol

5113, Jalan Batang Tiga,
Kampung Bukit Rambai,
75250 Melaka.

Operation Hours : Saturday & Sunday only (11.30am to 12.30am)

The famous cendol is actually located few minutes drive from my place.
I've been passing by this place almost everyday but never have the chance to stop and try the cendol.

One fine day, I've decided to give it a try. It's now or never.

According to blogs, the operation hour starts at 12pm to 1pm. You have to be there early because aunty Koh serves limited amount of cendol.

Normally, her cendol will finish within an hour. Make sure to be there earlier if you don't want to miss it.

Previously she opened her stall at 12pm but due to high demand, she opens it at 11.30am.
We were lucky because we reached there around 11.45am (that's when I thought she operates at 12pm). 
Being the kiasu Malaysian, we wouldn't want to miss the cendol and decided to be the earliest one.

Unfortunately by the time we arrived, the queue was already long.

Customers are mostly from Singapore.

After lining up for 30 minutes, finally we managed to devour the creamy and milky cendol.

By 12.15pm, the cendol was SOLD OUT!
45 minutes of business only! (11.30am-12.15pm)

RM3 for small bowl and RM4 for big bowl.

Fresh green cendol.

Meet Aunty Koh.


Aunty Koh trusts her customers ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!
You'll just have to put in the cash and take your own balance in the cash drawer.

Not only that, customers also tend to help aunty koh to wash the bowls and spoons as well.
Aunty Koh is operating the business herself, therefore she wouldn't have enough hand to do everything on her own.

Ingredients : Shaved ice, coconut milk (santan), palm sugar (gula melaka) and cendol.

I'm not a big fan of cendol but this one is really delicious.
Two thumbs up for aunty koh.

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