Monday, November 23, 2015

Sanfu Restaurant

Sanfu Restaurant

Location :
Mimosa Hotel
No. 108, Jalan Bunga Raya,
75100 Melaka.
Tel: +606-2820113

Mimosa Hotel (Sanfu Restaurant is located inside of the Hotel)

The Hotel is one row with Madam King and also the famous longkang xiham/lala at Jalan Bunga Raya.

I was invited by Alfred and his awesome group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs.
Thank you for the warm invitation. It was nice to know all of you peeps.

Thanks to them, I get to know about the existence of this restaurant.

Super love the art.
Kinda geisha-ish hahaha!

So the dinner theme was supposed to be a traditional chinese ala-ala shanghai style.

The posers.

Fuuuwiiitt sexy betul.

We played quite a number of games that night and these group of people are really crazeehh!
Especially Eva Jie. She's very funny (the one wearing sarong and 'cha kiak' a.k.a chinese clog).

The Restaurant serves delicious nyonya cuisine.
Pictures below!

Super nyummeh! Even nyummier when it is free. 

Riverview Cafe

82 Jalan Kampung Pantai,

I am so embarrassed to say that I didn't know the existence of this cafe.
They have a very beautiful view wei!
Nice place to camwhore. Unfortunately that particular day was freaking hot, therefore we decided to sit inside.

If you sit behind the cafe, you can see melaka river.
Damn cun oh!

Here's the facebook link. Go click it and check out for more pictures.

Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken.


Another place to dine in Melaka!
Okay this is super outdated post. I've been there few months back.
It is located inside of Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall.

Lunch with colleagues.

Their set meal is quite affordable. Around RM10+ including drinks.

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