Thursday, November 12, 2015


There's yet another new cafe in town - Grow Coffee.

It's not really that new kind of new because as you know my blog is always outdated.
A few months back, I have these silly little cravings of having their toast. Back then it was quite a new 'hit' in Melaka.

 Chilling out with the girls as much as I can because one of them is leaving (has left while I blogged this) to somewhere far far far away.

 Chocolate Banana Toast @ RM20

 Too pretty until I don't have the heart to eat it.

 Farewell Party.

Lastly, we had a mini steamboat party among ourselves (Pee Yin, Mei Liang and I) for one last time before Pee Yin find angmoh boyfriend.

Macam tak pernah makan setahun -______-

 I had 4 rounds leh. New record!

Despite all that, we couldn't finish the food.
Thanks to Pee Yin, who loves to waste food all the time.
People told her not to put in all of the sausages, crab sticks, meat balls, etc tapi terus dia campak semua ke dalam hot pot.

Anyway, that is Pee Yin. Unique.

 Sending her off. Good bye ah moi. See you next year?

While waiting at KLIA, suddenly there's a group of crowd taking their phones and video recording of somebody.

So here's the conversation.

Mei Liang: Wahhh Gary!
Me: Huh? Gary? Mr. Gary our Constitutional Law lecturer?

As if she knows who is Mr. Gary that I had in mind.

Then I paused for few seconds and was wondering why the hell is Mr. Gary (still thought that it was my lecturer) so popular?

Mei Liang: It is KANG GARY LAHHH!!!
Me: OHHHHH WTFFF! I thought who lah just now.

Then I pun sibuk nak ambil selfie tapi tak berjaya. hahaha.

And I can hear few malay chicks kept shouting SONG JI HYO's name.
Thanks to Running Man, now they are a big superstar.

Until then.

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