Monday, October 24, 2011

Only Yesterday

1. Sushi King on the 16th October with Mark, Nicole, Stanley and Chong Pei.

2. McD on the 17th with Mark, Nicole, Amirul and David

3. Class from 12pm to 10pm+ on the 18th (wednesday). Hectic plus killer.

4. 19th October had dinner in Breeks with Mark and Kin Ming.

 Pictures taken with my lousy Sony phone :D

Surprisingly I looked kinda cute in this picture. Taken by KM's ipad.

This is damn delicious. Lamb something something. Only available in Breeks every Wednesday. It comes together with a bowl of rice, a glass or ice lemon tea or coke (optional) and a bowl of kimchi soup. The price after adding the tax and service charge roughly cost about RM17.

OMG the picture looks so .............
Some fish thingy with smash potatoes and coleslaw which cost about RM20+

Avocado chocolate chip is the name of the drink if i'm not mistaken.
Not sure about the price. About RM6 to 8 per glass perhaps.

5. 20th October, had Nasi pattaya in Jusco Food Court with Mark, Nicole, Kin Ming, Stanley, Danny and Steven.
Party in Movida during the night. It's Thursday hence Ladies Night.
Several chicks battle on the dance floor. Shake that booty baby~

6. Rot during the weekends watching GTO and Vampire Diaries and cleaning up my room.

7. Dug all my boxes to spend time with my soft toys :)
awww i love doing it once in a blue moon.


8. Waste my time wearing formal today since my Professional Practice tutorial has been changed to Friday instead. Ughh!!!!

9. Went to Batu Berendam's chicken rice shop for lunch together with Mark, Nicole, AMirul, Stanley, Danny, Jia Rou and Kwang Hawe

10. Counting down for 3 days more :)

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