Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm done with my final exam people!!!! *playing Danza Kuduro's song in the background while dancing with joy*
So I'm having my semester break right now.
By far the worst University ever that only provides 2 weeks of break. Unlike other Universities where they have at least a month worth of break.
However I am looking forward towards my holidays though I know the fact that nothing special is going to happen for the next two weeks.
All I want is just a quality time with my bed and also the internet :P
Need to catch up with all the Animes. God knows when was the last time I watched anime. Owh wait. Was it yesterday? hahahahaha.

Anyway this was what I did last last Wednesday to Saturday morning.
Had been studying Professional Practice like mad.
I literally feel like crying while reading.
Reading is one thing, whereas memorizing it is another thing.
Imagine 15 chapters for you to read is not even funny okay.

So after the 3 intense days of reading finally the judgment day which was on the 24th of September 2011.
Ended up I still couldn't answer the paper o____o

I felt so stupid.

Oh well. Forget about it.
At least I've tried my best.

So right after paper, my lepak kaki(s) went to 'kedai belakang' for dinner. One of our favorite spot for dinner. The food is very nice. I love the Nasi Taliban especially. Ohmaigawd!!

After dinner went to Coffee Bean to chillax for awhile.

Pictures taken with my Sony Ericsson phone.
Lousy quality.
Color like dunno what shit.


Continue for the next paper which was on the 27th. Basically I just stayed at home to do my revision.
The paper was quite okay. Right after the paper, went to kedai belakang again and then rushed back home for my one and only last paper. However when I got back home, the electricity blacked out -_____-
Bloody hell.
So I drove all the way to Uncle Aunty Cafe located near Cheng to do some revision. The fella sitting next to my table talk so bloody loud -____- and I couldn't concentrate at all.

Had this peach ice blended with float and it doesn't taste nice at all. Ughh!!

Had been staying at home for the one and only paper which was Evidence. Had that paper on the 27th and that's the end of first semester of final year. Gosh. The feeling was superbly fantabulous.

After exam I went to KFC together with Mark, Nicole, Amirul, Stanley, Hawe, KM, Danny, Fikry and Jeff for dinner.

Then went to watch Johnny English around 9pm with Nicole, Mark, Fikry, Danny, Stanley and Cheong Pei.
It was my second time watching it. The reason why I watched it again was because I missed the earlier part before.

After movie we went for Satay!!!
hahaha. I had 10 sticks of satay. 5 beef and 5 mutton. Yummy!!!!!

 The Gay Bananas :D

 The love birds

The Sweethearts

The Group

After Satay, the 5 of us (excluding Stanley and his girl) went to Geographer for a drink.

White wine, some liquors with coke (forgot what was it already) and also my Esprit. Esprit is my old time favorite drink when I was a little kid. Hmm nowadays the price for a bottle is getting more expensive. I remembered the time I used to drink it only cost me about RM6 the highest. But now RM8 per bottle.
Living style in Malaysia is a killer.

Then they ordered 3 shots of Tequila.
RM13 per shot.

This Firky loves to move around. Both pictures were either blurry or he doesn't even bother to look at the camera in the first place.
Banyak pattern la you!


Everyone get high.Nicole and I took quite a number of jump shot but most of it failed. hahaha!!
Thanks to Mark's lousy photography skill. duh!

Even my unsophisticated digital camera can take way better jump shot than your semi-dslr. haha

We jump up and down in the middle of the road. Doing silly stuffs middle of the night in Jonker.
Case in point, please refer the picture below.
One of the example.

hahaha here's one of Danny's cute pose. He was jumping actually. But then the camera only managed to capture it when his feet were down on the floor.
hahahah CUTE!!!!!

Malaysia Next Top Model Bulldel

hahahahahahaha!!! sissy to the max. Especially Mark!!!
Look at his foot. hahaha.

I love this group photo :)

Had a very enjoyable night.
The feeling of freedom (temporarily until the results being released) is so great.


The next day which was on 30th of September, we (Mark, Nicole, Danny, KM and I) went to Rock and Roll for dinner :)
It is located in Melaka Raya area. That was my first time there and I don't even know such restaurant exist .______.

The boss of the restaurant is a cute 'ang moh' a.k.a mat salleh dude. hehehe.

Here's some pictures of the decoration and interior.

There's quite a number of books for you to read.
While waiting for your steak, you can make use of the time by reading..

I had fresh orange juice. RM5 per glass. All fresh juices cost RM5.

We got free plate of salad for everyone of us and also a small basket of garlic bread :D
How lovely. Plus another good news is that, there's no service charge or tax.
Good or what!

Grilled Fish RM20

T- Bone RM48

Big Bob Steak RM 38

Lamb Chop RM28

I had a great dinner that night. Seems like having steak is our tradition this semester. Must at least ate it once a month. hehe.

My next destination after semester re-open is to try the food in Casa Del Rio though I heard it's pretty expensive. But I am willing to spend for it :)
Experience that counts.

After dinner we went to Dataran to meet up with Stanley, Jia Rou and Hawe. Wanted to visit the newly open Overtime. However once we entered, the Happy Hour was over. Hence a pint of Starker cost RM60. The fuck? A glass of beer that cost you RM60!!! If only we were earlier, they have buy 1 free 1 concept. So it only cost about RM30 per glass/pint.

Since the price was pretty over. We decided to visit it some other time.

Then we switched to Friend's Cafe instead. Also located in Melaka Raya.

And the fun part begins from here.
Brendan got this hentai game in his phone and it was seriously damn stupid lor.

The booby game.
Psycho Brendan!

Do you know how the game works?
Basically all you need to do is just to fondle the nipple and the 'girl' will make those tempting sound (konon-konon high la tu) and you'll get the score from it. The better you fondle the higher score you'll get. HAHAHAHA

So Mark wanted to try it out. There you go.
Rosak minda wei this game. tsk tsk tsk.

 Next was Nicole. Look at her happy face. She wanted to do that since long long time ago already. Now she was given the chance to actually touch a virtual boobs with sounds some more. hahaha. Sure la happy :P

 As for me I have always dream to have such boobs.
So I wanted to fulfill my dreams for that night.
But get half side only. One big one small.
Dream came true halfway only.

hahahahahahaha!!! I can't stop laughing wei.
OMG I feel that my blog is so contaminated with such obscenity. I am so sorry to all the underage kids who is reading my blog. Jie jie not purposely one. Sorry okay.

Plus you all don't tangan gatal and find this game to download in your phone ar!!!
I know some of you after reading this might have those ill intention of downloading such application into your phone. lol.

They ordered 6 buckets of Carlsberg. Madness.

My triple shot dessert. RM8.90

Very cute and delicious :)

Some tiny group photos.

The last photo was taken by Jia Rou's new Samsung Galaxy phone.
I'm in love with her phone. Planning to get a new phone but then I felt so unwillingly to spend such amount on new phone. T__________________T

Overall I had a great fun with them.
As I'm typing this blog entry right now, I started to miss you guys so badly :(

Happy Holidays peeps. See you all in 2 weeks time.


As for Saturday and Sunday (1st and 2nd Oct) I've been busy attending wedding dinner and also my Uncle's 70th Birthday party.


Here's mini cake and custard from hand-made.
It's for display purposes only. Not for eating.
Very cute right? They have this tuition class where they will teach you how to do such thing.
How lovely and adorable.

Meet Mickey.
Not my puppy anyway.
I don't rare any pets. I feel that they are pretty annoying sometimes.

So that's all for today. It's almost 3am now.
Time for me to go to bed.
Toodles :)

Sorry if there's a lot of grammatical errors. I don't double check what I typed before hitting the publish button.
Too lazy la.

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