Monday, July 9, 2018

Japan - Kyoto (Golden Pavilion / Bamboo Forest) and Osaka (Dotonbori Street)

Good day dear readers.
Yes, I am back into blogging. Have been very very busy lately.
So here's a continuance of my Japan trip back in January 2018.

In my previous post, I mentioned that Biwako Hotel is by far one of the best hotels during my entire travelling period because one of the reason is this:-


 Hari-hari makan salmon. *hearts*

 Went for some morning walk after breakfast. 

 With ma gangsta squads yo!

There's a huge lake just outside of our hotel and we were so lucky to get a lake view room. 

Having a morning stroll by the lake wasn't a very smart idea actually. That's because the weather was extra cold wei. Kecut anak burung loh (if you have one la).

Our first stop is Kinkakuji Temple or also known as the Golden Pavilion.
One of the tourist attraction in Kyoto, Japan.

The pretty flower girls. *winks* 

 Chinese zombie on the loose.

That amulet paper that looks like some chinese writings to protect yourself from bad omen or evil spirits is actually the entrance ticket to the Golden Pavilion.


Okay wait, is that writing actually a chinese characters?
Looks like chinese character wor...

 Golden Pavilion

There's nothing much to see there except for this Golden Pavilion.
The entrance fee per person is 400 yen which is around RM15.

Tofu set for lunch. 

After filling our empty stomach, we continued our journey to the beautiful Bamboo Forest.
You need to walk quite a distance to reach there.
The good thing is that, no entrance fee will be charged to enter bamboo forest. However you will need to pay some fee if you want to visit the temples.

The popular #followmeto kinda shot.
My partner need more practice. Apasal tangan tak nampak nih. 

Next we headed to Osaka.

 We had our dinner at the super hype Ramen restaurant called Ichiran.

The Ramen was superb! Since then, I never want to eat any ramen in Malaysia (cewahhh pattern more than badminton).

Pay first before seated. And the queue was so long.

 Choose how you want your Ramen to be cooked.

 Taaaddddaaaa!! The soup damn syiokkk gilerr.

And let me show you one of the most expensive grapes I ever had in my whole life.

A bunch of grapes cost 6500 yen which means around RM250 sejambak woi! 
Gilerrr babi mahal.

So what are the differences between the normal grapes that we always ate compared to this Japanese grapes?

1) The size of the grapes are twice bigger than the ordinary one.
2) It is 25 times more expensive
4) Bloody hell, why so damn expensive

The taste is actually pretty much the same. Just that this Japanese grape skin is easily peeled off from the fruit.

Okay the end.

 Dotonburi street.

Part of our loots. And that wasn't the end of snack shopping.

Until then....
To be continued.

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