Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Indonesia - Bali (Uluwatu / Ayana Resort & Spa / Sky Garden Bali)

Uluwatu is included in our itinerary since it's one of the tourist attraction spot. Entrance fee per person is 30k rupiah.

Honestly, there's nothing much to do there except for taking pictures and to watch the kecak dance until the sun set.

We did not watched the Kecak Dance because we wanted to rush to Rock Bar to experience their sun set by chilling on their bar which is literally by the rock, like their name.

What a sight. 

It is very difficult to capture a decent insta-worthy picture with their awesome scene because there were so many freaking tourist walking around and taking their sweet time selfie-ing at the same spot for more than 20 minutes!

So it's either you get a perfect photo of yourself (looking good) but with some hideous looking passer by or a complete free of human on the background but our own face turned out to look like some fukin retard. Sigh. Story of my life.

We rushed to Ayana Resort & Spa Bali to visit the Rock Bar (which is situated inside of the Resort).
Unfortunately, by the time we got there it was already 6pm.

The queue to enter Rock Bar was so long and needed a reservation due to peak season. There's a wedding being held at the Resort's Park outdoor. Maybe that's the reason why it was so damn packed that day.

So here's a video of the place. Sorry for the bad quality because I used my lousy phone to take those videos. (Not a Vlogger, hence I'm lacked with good quality videography devices)


Our Plan B was to eat Gelato inside the Resort!
Tak dapat tengok sun set by the bar, dapat makan ice cream pun jadi lah ye. Hehe...


We left the place in an hour time because we had another important schedule during the night.


Our important schedule for the night was to visit one of Bali most happening club (for foreigners) which is known as Sky Garden.

On the night we went (which fell on a Saturday) DJ Billy The Kit was spinning on that day, so the entrance fee per person was 200k rupiah (inclusive of 2 bottles of drink).

We arrived there around 11pm+ and the place was already packed with delicious ang moh lengzai.
Hahahahahahaha! Okay just kidding about the delicious ang moh part.

Let the video do the talking.

We stayed only about 2 hours and shockingly we spent another extra 30-40 minutes in the toilet!
Just because the toilet is so cool and comfortable! It looks more like a changing room instead of a place for you to pee and shit.

Check out the video below!

That's all for our super fruitful day 2 in Bali. 

 To be continued....

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