Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Malacca Bar Futsal Challenge 2017

Event: KP Ng Challenge Trophy & Karen Cheah Cup 2017
Location: Kompleks Sukan Batu Berendam Melaka
Date: 13th May, 2017

Let's rewind back in May where Melaka lawyers, court personnel and few other government sector staff were having a friendly futsal match among each other. (It was supposed to be only among Melaka lawyers but somehow they lack of participants, haha)

I was there not as one of the participant but as the 'appointed' camera girl. Cewah. Lebih...

Overall the match was quite good. Everyone did their best and the matches were quite intense.
Who says lawyers can't kick a ball.

Match Schedule for men. 

I was there rooting for P.B United and they managed to get third place.
Not bad, not bad...
Congrats once again PBs!

Wow! Even Wang Lee Hom plays futsal.
geddit geddit? lol

 P.B United vs Johor Bar

I have to give Johor Bar extra credit for their colorful team shirt. 
It makes the photo look extra good.

There's only 3 teams for the women match.

At the end of the day, each team will definitely get a medal.

 Medal giving ceremony by our Ms Karen Cheah.

One with the PBs.

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