Monday, May 22, 2017

07/08 Squads

After almost 5 years, I finally had a complete gathering with my usual lepak-ing squads back in University.

Time really flies. I miss those moments where we used to chill almost everyday. I miss those impromptu trips we did. I miss those moments where we skipped class for no apparent reason. I miss those typical statement made by Stanley Ting - 'ayuh steady lah brother'. I miss those stupid jokes we used to make. I miss the moment where Amirul always steals our food whenever he is low on cash. I miss those 1001 excuses given by Nicole Lee almost every freaking day. AND most importantly I miss asking Mark what and where to eat (first world problem).

Last month was the day where all of us took some time to make this gathering happen.
So we have people from Sarawak, Sabah and Kuala Lumpur flying/driving down to Melaka to reminisce our past.

It was great to hang out with all of you once again.
I hope we can do this every year.


Our plan was - eat, ate, eaten.

We went Pak Putra, chicken rice balls, Jonker 88 for the asam laksa, pork balls, pork/beef noodle, cafe hopping and etc. Never ending food exploration.

One of the tourist attraction cafe located in the middle of Jonker Street. 

 Jonker 88

The 'I woke up like this pose' Not.

When you have camwhore buddies and good lights - Never ending shameless selfies.

Shit!! Not to brag but I think we really look super chio in all of our vain selfies.

P/s: No filter needed. *flips hair* coz we're just awesome like that.

haha please don't hate us.

Rishi was in Melaka too! It's good to see you Mr Afro! 

Next gathering destination, Kuching guys?
Ayuh.... Steady sikit.


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