Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mezze Bar & Bistro

Here's another post specially dedicated to the Birthday girls.

Happy Birthday to Siew Chin! 

 Why you sit like that? So not sopan santun at all.

 The Birthday Girl with her slice of cake.

Luncheon at Teddy Bear Cafe. 


Next was le BFF's Birthday - Princess of 1001 excuses.

Went up to KL for the weekend to celebrate her early Birthday (this was actually back in August). Yeap, this is an overdue post.

KM fetched me from TBS and along the entire journey, he actually hired someone to catch pokemon for him while he was driving.
*smack forehead*

I swear to God my weekend in KL was crazy!
I actually have to face all those pokemon freaks who proclaimed that they are the true pokemon Master.

Luckily I was not involved in these catching pokemon thingy game.
Basically everyone in KL were busy catching pokemon while eating, driving, walking, sleeping, bathing. Walao!

I see also stress lor!

Even Nicole also the same.


Anyway Happy Birthday babe.

Muah! I will still love you even when you ignored me for the sake of catching zubat despite having more than 20 useless zubats in your pokedex.

I will still love you even when I'm sitting beside you but you kept playing with your phone especially PokemonGo.

I will still love you even when you call me to visit you in KL and ajak lepak but you spent most of your time with your phone.

Despite all that, I LOVE YOU! SARANGHEYO!


Happy Birthday Female Ash Ketchum. 

Let's not talk about KM.
He is far more extreme than Nicole Lee.

The reason why he is so kind to fetch me from TBS was just because he wanted to check out what type of pokemons are available at that area.


How not to sad you tell me? (broken english)


So our dinner plan was at 7pm in Mezze Bar & Bistro.

Both of us, KM and I decided to depart around 6.40pm. Knowing Nicole's timing always cannot pakai. When we were in the car, at about 6,55pm, KM told me to whatsapp Nicole telling her that we are reaching soon (but actually still far away).

Who knows Nicole reached on time wor!
Oh mai gawd! We cannot believe our eyes and ears and mouths.
For the very first time, princess is actually punctual. Wow that's amazing. Well maybe because she's already 90 years old, hence that's her new birthday resolution kot? To be punctual.


I still love you babe.


 Main Course

Princess choice of the day 

 The kaki(s)

Her cake was sinfully delicious. 

Next round was Ales & Lagers @ Publika.

 I love their bottles. Damn cute!

The following day, sambung tangkap pokemon lagi.

Every small tokong by the roadside also they will stop just to get pokeballs.
How not to jam you tell me?

Having our Big Breakfast brunch at Antipodean. 

Next stop was DR.Inc 

 We tried their popular drink called Presso Bomb - RM14

 Us ;)


Another Birthday celebration with my babe - Siaw Ching.

Treated her to a belated birthday dinner at Senju Tei.

We had a hard time finishing our food.

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