Friday, March 11, 2016

Last Christmas

As you can see from my blog title, yes this is an outdated post.

I have been super extremely busy with my life lately.
Couldn't find the time to blog.
I've been spending most of my weekends marathon-ing with my Korean and Taiwanese dramas.

*wipes sweat* what a productive lifestyle.

Anyway, here goes my Christmas back in 2015.

On a side note, two days before Christmas, the Malacca Bar organized a farewell tea party for our beloved High Court Judge - Dato' Karim. He has been promoted to a better position.

Congratulations once again and you will be missed by all of us.

With Ms Amber and Ms Tse Hwei.

After the party, it was berkepit-kepit time with my bum bum.

We headed up KL during the eve of Christmas just to have that Xmas mood.
Super mengada that kind. I know.

Gigantic Christmas Tree at KLCC.

Christmas Gifts!

Amirul: Do you have anything that is musky?
Perfume Boss: Yes.
Amirul: How much does this cost?
Perfume Boss: We got 50% only for today. After discount it's RM300++
Amirul: Okay beli! Jangan cakap banyak!

This is why you're always broke Amirul.
The life of an impulsive buyer.

We ended up watching IP MAN 3 while countdown-ing for Christmas.

Yellow Brick Road for dinner on Christmas day.

Food Paparazzi.

We had a great night.

What we do best.


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