Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jason & Mei Thing's Big Day

28th November 2015

Marriage is sharing and caring,
giving and forgiving,
loving and being loved, walking hand in hand,
talking heart to heart, to give and to take,
and to see through each others eyes.

The preparation before the groom and his brothers arrived.

A handmade bow tie and red packets filled with our sexy lips stain.

One lucky male who donated us a lip stain for our red packet game.

These are mine. HAHA
Okay the first one super retarded.

Purple is the theme :)

The pretty bride.


Solo shot with the bride.

The moment the groom arrived with his heng dai.
Let the punishment start.

The typical games are:-

1) Blow balloons and pop it with your partner
2) Guess the bride's lip stain on the red packet (every packet consist of different types of punishment such as doing push ups, penalty of RM10, lick your partner's hair, carry the groom and run around the house while confessing your love to your wife, etc)
3) Sticky Note dancing game
4) Confession

I personally love the game number 2.
The groom failed to guess his own wife's lip stain.
He ended up choosing almost every other lips stain except for his wife.
Hahahahaha... Hence they have to face many types of punishment.
What a pity.

Happily ever after.

Next couple on the list. 

These are the wedding dinner event.
More pictures below.


With the pretty Mei Liang.

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