Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fat Boy's

The amount of varieties of food to choose from are growing rapidly in Melaka.

Say goodbye to the old common daily boring food such as McD, KFC, Pizza Hut, Sushi King, yadda-yaddaaa....

Now we have Subway, Dragon I, Sakae Sushi, and the newly open FAT BOY'S!
Melaka Maju Jaya!

This outlet is located at the newly open Terminal Pahlawan, the center of Melaka city. Place where you'll stuck in jam just like Kuala Lumpur. Welcome to Melaka, the historical city of heading towards jam-ing.
(expressing my dissatisfaction especially when I have to face jam every freaking day in the month of December)

Being the curious little girl, I've decided to give it a try.
Mama is back at being the long-lost-adventurous-girl.

After looking at the menu I almost puke rainbows due to the price range.
Nevertheless I entered the restaurant just for the sake of trying.

So here are the price range for your easy reference.
By the way this is a non-halal restaurant.
They do serve porky pork dishes.

Price starts from RM16 per meal excluding drinks and taxes.

Please thank me and leave me a comment under the comment box if you find this blog entry actually managed to save your money before entering the restaurant.


Wimpy Lamb @ RM19.00

I'm not a big fan of hamburgers, therefore to me I personally think that the taste was just a so-so.
Nothing fancy about it.
I couldn't even finish the burger. The portion was quite big for a petite girl like me (ehem!).
It is known as Fat Boys for heaven's sake.

I'll rate this place 5.5/10.

Fat Boy's  ☑ checked


Once upon a time......I pretended to be a tourist in my very own city.

Blending in with the background.

It's quite fun to act like a tourist you know.
The abang beca kept asking me whether nak naik beca ke tidak.

Kalau naik free I on je tapi kalau kena bayar takpe la bang... I rela jalan kaki di tengah panas.

The lovely Ms. Arasy came down town to meet up with me.
We had a great catching up session and did some serious shopping.

Had our lunch at Black Canyon.

In the mood for Christmas.


The twins came back Malaysia for a week.
Had been anticipating to meet them for a short reunion.

Satay Celup on their first day at Melaka just to satisfy their food lust.

Then it was the normal traditional routine - SHOPPING TIME!

Le Dinner.

And dessert.

The following day, we had another round of shopping.


Jingle Bells~
(photo taken from phone)

More food.

The popular pisang goreng with cheese in Sabah has landed in Melaka.

Nothing fancy to brag about. Taste normal to me.
Maybe the person who prepared this were not as good as the Sabahan peeps.



jagger said...

Nice blog
U might be one of the famous blogger like janechuck or juwei teoh one day

Sharon Choo said...

hello cuzzie, cute post! :) Merry xmas in advance!

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