Saturday, September 21, 2013

Called to the Bar

The boyfie and I were called to the Bar in 4th of July 2013. We created another history in our life together :)

So for those who literally read the heading of my post, Bar in the sense of court room, not the bar where you go for a drink alright.

After 5 years of struggling in University and 9 months of suffering to complete our Chambering, finally we've managed to overcome those 6 monstrous years.

This is going to be a short post with couple of pictures only.

With Mr Chia (Mark's Master) and Pn. Fatima (my Master)

With my gossip partner yang hot gitu! hehe

With Ms Arasy, Ms Meng Si and Ms Fiona.

Ira was called to the Bar as well :) 

Thanks Chiew for attending my long call event :)

With Kai Sheng :D

With le familia ^_^

Tse Hwei, Ira, Ruby, Mark, Joshua, Nathan. 
Muka-muka budak dah matang. (kononnya)

Thanks Jasyu and Nazreen for attending our long call.
 In few years time, it's going to be your turn ;)

The following day, since we were bored and jobless, we decided to attend Zakwan's long call in Muar.

With Alicia.

Together with Mr. Z
Z for Zoro.

-the end-

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